France 5

This is Lucie. She is a dirty whore. I met her in a bar in Rennes back in 2018. We went out dancing and she was all over me and my cousin. My cousin was in Rennes for soccer and Lucie had a hook up in town so we could get some coke. We went to some crack den with her partied my cousin and I left with her to go do some drugs with the rest of his team. It was a fucking sausage party besides Lucie. so after we got all high about 14 of us all gang fucked Lucie. She nayed like a horse with those horse gums when she was licking the jizz of the hotel beds. Covered her in jizz and syrup. Hucked garbage on her and then kept her purse and drugs and chucked her out on the crowded street naked. It was funny as fuck she was all strung out with garbage and food stuck to her naked body via the syrup and jizz LOL. The one time you would of laughed to see all the nigger migrants running around they were hiding like pussies due to the KKK convention in the hotel. Classic. #WINNING!

This woman is Anne from Corse and she is disgusting. She purposely went after my fucking husband whom i had been married to for 12 years. She knew he was married and had kids with me. She still slept with him. He is super shy too, so she made all the moves. Even after being called out to all her friends and family on Facebook she still continued to sleep with him. She’s nasty and i hope she enjoyed my old dildo with wrinkly saggy balls that look like walnuts. Probably spunks out ben gay too. Anne has been doing this forever. Leaching on men until she drains their nut sack and their bank account and then just moves on. Anne also spent time in jail for beating up muslim nigger migrants for fun. She would flash them her tits and when they went to rape she would pepper spray them and hit them with a club. She then took the tax payers money out of the groids pockets. She claimed they belong in their homeland with the other monkeys and diaper heads. She is evil.

French Jew Witch Janine

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and counting. We met when we were kids so we were childhood friends until we lost contact. We got back in touch 3 years ago via the internet and we starting talking again. He was living in Nice and I was here in Tours. We talked for a couple months then he said he was coming to Toures to sell drugs and to visit family and friends, he mentioned that we should hangout and catch up when he got here. I asked when he would be in town and he said he didn’t have a date planned out yet… Thats when we started dating 3 years in Janine came around she is a Jew that steals and sells her wares. She raped my husband with a broom stick and I haven’t seen him or Janine since.

Lucie is the hottest bitch in France as she is the only white one left. France is now so full of ugly shit skins that erections are almost no existent. And now child birth is done by feces of immigrants that can some what walk and talk and collect money from the few whites left that the Jews keep for inventions and ideas. Lucie one day dreams of becoming a famous American actress in movies where she can insert items into her muff biscut for quick cash. But for now Lucie roams around with full armed guards to protect her beauty from immigrant rape and their foul stench. It is believed that once negro females figure out what a mirror is and look at it they will all commit suicide Lucie might have to clean up the mess that is called France.

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