Portugal 2

This is Anna the slut of metro Lisbon. She is the worst kind of human being. She is a cheater. She is a liar. She is a user. She is a gold digger. She cheated on her first husband. She has cheated on her second husband. She is in the club every fucking night looking for a new cock to suck and new drug to try. She lies about everything to everyone. She chased away her second husbands family by fucking his dad and uncle at the same time(at a club), drove his children out of his life, drained his bank account, lies about money constantly. Hell, she lied to her siblings about the money she kept when their mother passed away. She even threw her son out of the house for leaving lego on the floor. To top it all off, this low life is a NURSE, taking care of the elderly. If you see her coming towards you, RUN AWAY! I know she rips off people that are in the hospital too. Sad and pathetic watch out for Anna!!!

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