Texas 8

This girl Erin the trolley truck face cum bucket with moldy cheese sauce… stole a husband and then went crazy with a baseball bat and drawing large wieners on their cars when he went back to his wife. Ahh, HE WEN’T BACK TO HIS WHLAE OF A WIFE, and she is the one mad? AMAZING how some people think they can steal a married man and be upset when he goes back to his wife. EVERYONE SAID HE WAS MARRIED! OH WAIT, SHE’S ONE OF THOSE DEAF HOMEWRECKERS! Congrats to the SAVED MARRIAGE! Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Erin picks the shit nuggets stuck in her ass hairs and eats them on her popcorn with Anderson Coppers ass fart cum as butter.

Xiomar destroyed my marriage of 9 yrs and he left me with 2 children 1 of 9yrs. And 1 of 2 yrs to be with this border jumping illegal bitch and she has done some shaddy shit to us like using our barn as a hideout for human trafficking. Always moving large quanities of street drugs when the kids are around. I hate when she speaks Mexican around the kids. I don’t think she would harm the kids. I think she is at least nice enough to pay them or let them use some of the drugs while they worked. and she has broken my windows to my vehicle while she was drunk and high and with a bunch of Mexican drug dealers. I heard she has what the homies say a “sour taco” I think that means her pussy stinks in Mexican.

ALLY’S POOP LOG LOAVES ARE FUCKING MASSIVE!!!!! SHE IS SO PROUD OF THEM AS SHE SHOULD BE. THEY ARE SO BIG AND STEAMY THEY MAKE ELEPHANTS AND WHALES FUCKING JEALOUS. THEY SMELL WORSE THAN ALL THE NIGGERS IN AFRICA. THEY ARE BIG SMELLY AND BROWN (WITH CHUNKS OF CORN AND DOG HAIR IN THEM)This girl Ally apparently spent plenty of time with my husbands big gigantic hairy walrus balls during our marriage. She’s proud to be a HOMEWRECKER with huge shit logs because she knows he’s married and his wife will use comet on their toilet bowl. So she can bask in her yellowish brown stink ass art the next time she goes back to the house to fuck my husband. I’ll let the pictures I post on instagram and ratempoo to speak for themselves. Her facebook is Ally Bigbrownshitbrick1985..

Mercedes: Glory Hole Girl

This is Mercedes and she knowingly pursued my partner while I was pregnant and the continued to sleep with him after my child was born. Even after this information was revealed and she was confronted, she continued to pursue and engage my partner. Then she attempted to mother my child as if she was her own on the occasions after I left my ex. She’s loves to flirt with married men and admits to it often. She’s looking for a man who’s well off to play father to her child and doesn’t care whose home she had to wreck to do it. Mercedes works as a glory hole girl with her dad at bars across Texas. Its always a mystery when you stick your dick in the hole. Is it Mercedes? Or is it her Dad?

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