Poland 2

This is Mila when this Polish bitch isn’t drinking her face off and snorting mad rails of meth in Wroclaw night clubs. She can be found strolling casinos and golf courses looking for rich German and French dudes to blow to support her drug habit. Some guys nuts she drains are older than her grandfathers. She sucked off two 90 year old dudes in wheel chairs once for a gram!! It is unsure if Mila is part Jew Kike or not as she does many jew like things and has a little bit of the soulless evil witch look in her. But she does share, even though it is needles and a little old man jizz she misses. But its still sharing. If you go to Poland and are 65 or older look Mila up. She is cheap! Avoid anal though as she never wipes her asshole. The poo is smeared and crusted in the ass hairs with chunks of lettuce and corn in it. Really gross. But makes a good snack after you blow your load!


Gosia is about as smart as the old crust sock I have jerked off in for a year and have under my bed that my dog uses as a chew toy. Ladies does your husband like fucking flat chested goofy looking sluts from Poland, that can’t resist any man in a relationship if we’re going by her track record. She has no care if the man is married with children all she cares about is becoming their little kitten and finding a way into North America. Her nickname is BALLSDEEP91 and she uses large pineapples to shove in her pussy, Lines of coke get snorted of her dads horse like cock when she is high on meth with great photos that make it onto Facebook. where she will play the poor damsel in distress who braids nut sack hair to floss her teeth with to get the shit nuggets out. So ladies I would definitely recommend making your assholes wet when she comes around with a jack hammer to penetrate you for video in Warsaw. Checking your husband’s anal cavity for bum fungus growth which is cancer causing.

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