California 4

Cassie has multiple online dating profiles so she can get cornholed every night. She seeks married men to try to ruin their lives and the lives of their children, so she can get a quick laugh as the cable company cut off her tv. She loves to post half naked pics of herself with an assortment of vegetables and fruits she rams up her fucking slut twat online and will send nasty pics to your man without thinking twice… She is a hair stylist and she likes to prey on married men to take her out to dinner at McDonald’s and then she invites them to her house for unprotected sex… be careful… She’s in her late 40’s with red hair amd a crotch with burning herpes warts to match!!!! On the weekends she goes to the store and buys bird seed. Then she takes her pants off puts peanut butter on her muff with the bird seed. Then lays in the grass and lets the birds and the field mice peck at her crotch until she orgasms. Then she goes over to the old folks home and gets her dad’s friends to lick her vagina clean. Bitch.

This is Raven and She doesn’t care if they are married, in a relationship, older or what the consequences are. Her mission is to put on a big metal strap on, roam the Yosemite Park, and rape wild animals. No matter what! She gets men to pay for the outings by sucking them off all while pretending to be an understanding soul and artist who only has eyes and music for them. Classic younger girl using her semi-good looks, self perceived talent of sucking shafts and persistent ways to break up relationships and families – have fun while it lasts, because she will be on to the next poor sucker when she gets bored. Raven also has never shaved her muff hair or legs. It is like a sasquatch down there. I pulled her pants off the first time and I fucking thought Buckwheat from the little rascals beat me to her pussy! Fucking Gross who would find that hot. I still banged her though I have no standards as long as its not a nigger.

Alexandra “Alex” loves to have unprotected intercourse with as many men as possible. She has a loser pathetic boyfriend and cheats on him all the time on the low. Her ex-boyfriend from Santa Barbara beat her up for cheating (she came home with cum dripping from her asshole) and she moved to Westwood, CA. Alex will let anyone ejaculate inside her first time meeting, Infact she fucking begs for it!!! Even the goo you splash on her face or ass, she will scoop up and ram in her twat.. She likes married men especially, and men who have families. Whoever has had intercourse with this nasty freak advise get video footage it is good jerk off shit!

Beaner Bitch Takes It
Doggy Over The

This snake Yeni will befriend you, and then sneak her way to your man. She not only took me to lunches and nails but got to know my man really well. No shame in her game! She was such a snake that one time, while I went to the bathroom, she blew him, kept his load in her mouth, then she spit it in my purse. And laughed with my man when I came back from making a big shit log in the can. Cameras at the office showed her bent over the photocopy machine with him plowing behind her wearing a sombrero yelling “Arrrriba Viva La Mexico Beaner Spic Bitch”, and then claims it was simply business….funny thing is those cameras also caught him treating all the other Latina women there like the cock hawks that they are. Be careful ladies, snakes come in slowly and in for a kill. I wouldn’t trust her ever. I doubt my man fuked her I believe him the cameras were altered.

Sucks cock for free rent

Look out Oroville, Folsom & Sacramento for Abella she’s a married woman who is currently separated from her husband for reasons not 0 certain…But I’m sure it’s related to her crack and sexual habits, and selfish self-centered Behavior showing no concern for anybody else but herself. A meth addict and alcoholic she like to visit local bars and pick up on men who are looking for a fast orgasm in exchange for money; drugs; anything of value she will except. She has children which have all been taken by CPS because she is neglectful mother and cannot provide any stability for her kids. Finding normal employment she can’t seem to hold down very long due to her methamphetamine use, and inability to get anywhere on her own. Her main mission at the local bars in and around Oroville and Folsom is finding a consistent place to stay since she has No vehicle. No house of her own. No family. She’s looking for any guy who who has a few dollars and a place to have sex. After that she will play her role and weasel her way into this person’s life and soon their home, at least she hopes!

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