Katey Bancroft Flitchburg Massachusetts

This cumdumpster Katey is the trash of the earth! She is world famous and is From Fitchburg, Massachusetts. There are photos above of the cop shop where she has stayed many nights in the cell. Or goes there to blow cops to get her drugs back.. No job, and pays for her drugs/suboxtone by sleeping with men for money. Her side hobbies include sleeping with any one of her loser junkie friends who happen to have drugs on them and stealing from various stores to pay for her habits. She has kids that she doesn’t care about and that she has abandoned due to her drug habits. She uses her lies to gain sympathy. She also confided in me that when she sees a happy couple she ENJOYS sleeping with the man or woman in the relationship to try and cause drama. She said she gets enjoyment out of it and that if they were willing to sleep with her then the relationship was doomed anyway. She really is the most disgusting woman to ever walk this earth. biggest snake alive.

Beware ladies! This low life Jocelyn pretends to be a nice paki girl but she is a hard core porno slut. Her stupid taxi dad and husband have no fucking idea. Jocelyn has done such films as “Paki sluts love American Cock” and “I wish East Indian Men Weren’t So Repulsive 2” This shell of a woman has no shame is trying to steal your man and will go to great lengths to get fucked and have Christian American men shoot their jizz on the Koran as she spits their loads on it too. Eventually after one of her relatives see her when they are jerking off to porn she will be beat. Muslim men love to beat women and fuck goats just like their friends the Jews. Jocelyn is also seen at Home Depot wiping her ass and vagina with sand paper and selling it to contractors to sniff so she can buy H. She shoots up a lot that is why she is skinny and has massive drug bags under her eyes without make up.

If this is the best looking woman in your state you have a problem! The liberals and Jews keep attempting to make black people appear beautiful. Some things you just can’t fix, they are ugly, it is sad but true. By no means am I this good looking person but fuck at least I don’t look and smell like a piece of feces. God people is anyone falling for any of this?

Devon Debendictis of Billerica This girl will ruin relationships and families and get your man on drugs. The good shit she doesn’t fuck around unless it is with your man and his pole. This heroin junkie will spread her legs and ass cheeks for anyone or thing that gives her the slightest bit of attention. She needs to spend more time closing her legs and staying off of drugs and being a good role model for her sprog child then just dumping her kid with random people all the time so she can shoot up and party and suck the dogs balls in the fruit bowl. The other night she was out with Eve Sandler and the two of them were pissing and shitting on fire hydrants in nigger neighborhoods for heroin. This girl is straight warty ratchet junkie trash with no self respect. I have had more respect for yeast infections of yeast infections before this skankaradoo. BEWARE.

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