Mexico 6

My fiancé, Winston went to medical school in Oaxaca, Mexico to cut educational costs and learn Spanish in an attempt to become a bilingual ER physician. Mainly for all the beaners that get shot by drive by shootings daily in the US and he didn’t want to be a veterinarian to help niggers. I stayed back in the US to raise our 1 year old daughter, care for our home, and watch our meth lab. Shortly after arriving in Mexico, Winston got his iPhone jacked by some 10 year old spick kids at knife point! and went to a local mall to get a replacement so he could call home. This is when he ran into Tia, the home wrecking whore that would ultimately ruin our future and family. She was a local Mexican whore with no education who worked at the cell phone kiosk he went to. She relentlessly chased him as she was desperate to land a doctor in training and a green card. I found out about her Christmas Eve 2019 through Facebook. I was devastated and will never forgive him or TIA TACO MUFF THE HOMEWRECKER!!!

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