California 3

Cruising For A Bruising With A Monkey Wrench

This is Jessica from Lake Elsinore, California. Jessica was obviously raised by an animal because she has no human class. Jessica went to high school with my husband and decided since her own marriage was going to shit due to her heroin use. She would message my husband with her problems about her man’s broke impotent ass. I found out and messaged the bitch and said I would knock that stupid fucking grin off her face with a monkey wrench. Since she acts like a whore who wants her teeth knocked out of course she still sent him pictures of her muff. My husband and I went through a separation and she jumped his pole in his truck behind a liquor store. I sat back and laughed because the minute he slept with her she was already begging for $60 because she already got an advance from her “baby daddy” on her child support and wanted some H. I was out sucking my husbands best friends and brothers dicks at the same time for revenge. Fuck you Jessica.

Argie deserves free everything from Americans. It is our white privilege that makes her poor. Nothing to do with her being stupid and lazy its all racism

I’ve been married to this woman for almost a decade on the internet dating site and once in real life her name is Argie. I’ve loved her and she turned out to be someone that I don’t recognize once I got her her American Citizenship. We have 2 beautiful kids together(They probably aren’t mine but I love them anyway even if they steal from me and call me a stupid gringo fuck). When she was first pregnant with Pablo the gardner’s son, she took off and smoked crack with other Mexicans on my dime. She didn’t even let our son have my last name she gave it to the Lettuce guy Hernandez. I begged for her to come back and she did when she was broke. She was a wonderful mother until she met someone knew that had money. She decided to kick me out of my home that we shared. I moved to live with my mom. She often leaves me with kids while she goes and fucks around on me but I still love her. She is currently “dating” someone who doesn’t live in the same state. From what I’ve heard, her new beau lives at my house and is using my truck. Argie and this man deserve each other for they are good hard working immigrants and not giving them what they want makes me racist and Intolerant. They don’t care who they hurt in the process. Argie has threatened to take full custody of my kids if she can get double alamony and child support. I wished that there was more I can do to help these poor Mexicans. She also has been spreading Mexican Diversity like HIV and herpes.. We need more like Argie Dont be racist support Argie.

This is Samantha she lives in Yuba City, California with her 2 kids and second baby daddy T-Bagg. This little girl is a liar and a thief who sucks everybody off and T-Bagg is cool with watching her lay other dudes. I’ve watched her on numerous occasions stealing from her job at Verizon wireless and meeting with random guys to fuck them in the parking lot on her brakes She lies and controls her kids dad and plays like she’s miss perfect while she lives her double life and destroying others. She is so disgusting, she leaves her children and man at home all the time just so she can go get high and suck who’s ever d!ck she wants then goes home and kisses her man and her kids like nothing happen Someone needs to expose this nasty whore for what she is a HORRIBLE MOTHER and a HORRIBLE PERSON. I blast my load in her almost every second day and I watch her work behind the Verizon counter with a grin on her face. She scratches her box and sniffs and licks her fingers its awesome. Then she handles phones and gives them to dudes. Nasty Sam. I could imagine how crusty your puss gets by noon.

Angela The Racist Lesbian Midget Hater With a Girlfriend From The Philippines.

Central California’s finest Angela, Before she stole my boyfriend, she ruined a marriage in her last relationship with one of her friends husbands. Known slut from the bay to the dumpsters in San Diego all the way over to Faggot Fresno. She only likes men that belong to other woman and share her political views of white domination, Which is so fucking Ironic considering she muff dives with a Fillipino chick all the time. Since this is the second time she has ruined a relationship, she deserves this. When she’s not stealing boyfriends, she likes to spend her time fat and slut shaming other woman, shit talking and making racial slurs. Her apartment has a confederate flag hanging from the balcony and constant strippers and rallies in the whole fucking building. Avoid Angela like the plague rumor has it she is so mean she goes on the set when they are filming that show “Little People Big World”. When there she makes fun of the midgets in the show and tries to put them in sacks. Just plain cruel and insensitive.

This girl has no shame for sure. She is known for sleeping with our Supervisors & co-workers at the UNFI in Gilroy even though she just has a 1 year old & is engaged to some unfortunate faggot fudge cakes here in Salinas. The first supervisor she would hook up with at work got caught by his wife by their texts and the cauliflower like warts he got from her all over his wiener and ball sack. She left him & of course, & Salina has moved on to the new supervisor. She is so fucking skanky her tattoo says “Shoot Your Fucking Load On Me And Leave”. Just dirty and skanky and caked with makeup that is dried up cum dust. Fucking skank.

This is Valerie she smokes mad meth and roams around Redding tweeked out of her fucking mind fucking anyone she sees and taking manly shits in peoples parked cars for her YouTube Channel CarShitGurl9000. Beware she has no remorse when it comes to sleeping with married men I seen her service 6 dudes from the army at once and they all pissed and shit on her when they were done. She fucking loved it. She tried to end my marriage by cutting my husbands wiener off with a sawsall, and still is pathetic enough to try and stay in our sex life. Karma is a bi**h… and she deserves everything bad in three folds.

Fucked The USA Special Olympics Team

Valeria gets all high on bathsalts and cracked up on PCP. She runs in to town with no shirt on too bad she didn’t have big tits. She runs around 7-11 throwing cheese at drunk niggers and calling them all monkeys. She runs up to the gas pumps and fucks them, then Mexicans in the alley jerk off to it. Valeri claimed to be an old friend suffering from vaginal yeast infection, only for it to be too gross to bear the smell. She fully pursued my live in fat faggot boyfriend who I have been with for 5 years knowing we have been together and live together. She has no shame and could care less about other women so watch out if you know this pathetic person… I seen here once put her grandfathers old used stinky leaking diapers with shit on her head and run into walmart and piss on the vegetables. One time last summer at the lake I seen Valeri sucking off all the retards who were in the park training for the special olympics. I laughed so hard when I heard the retards grunt when she licked their nuts.

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