Michigan 4


BUYER BEWARE!!! THIS GIRL WILL SLEEP WITH YOUR MAN FOR ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. SHE USES IV DRUGS AND SUBSEQUENTLY HAS DRDS. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE SHE TOLD ME. WE WERE FRIENDS UNTIL SHE BECAME THE TWO FACED SLOOT SHE IS TODAY. I AND MY FIANCE ARE NOW RAISING HER DAUGHTER AS MY OWN. KEEP HER AWAY FROM YOUR MEN. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS TELL HER SHE’S PRETTY… Her name is Heather she is from Mass City and shes a whore. She starts her day by talking a load in her ass jumps around with it in there. Then FARTS CUM ALL OVER THE PLACE. She farts cum in the sink and then in the laundry basket before hanging the clothes. Then she farts cum on the street and on her neighbors lawn and on their kids bikes and laughs about it. She is Heather the master cum farter from Mass City, Michigan. Never ever forget that name HEATHER THE CUM FARTER FROM MASS CITY MICHIGAN. Word #Winning.

Angela Is All About Ground Hogging Her Poo Logs In And Out Of Her Ass

This bitch likes to go after any woman’s man, has no respect for marriage. She can’t get a man on her own that she needs to take other woman’s man. So all you construction wives beware. Her name is Angela and she is from Stanton and she always “Ground Hog’s” Her poo. She lets the poo sneak out of her bum and right as it tries to pop out she sits down to push what she can back up her bum. Angela is all about the ground hogging. She is always smiling knowing the piece of poo she brewed up is going in and out of her ass like a dildo. She does this when she works at her job as receptionist for useless niggers and immigrants who want free white people money.

The guy I’ve been dating for 12 years and who had been living with me and my family that entire time sent a love letter to this girl. Then he fucked her silly sideways in a cardboard box, on the street, in the rain. My MOM found the letter in the mail box and gave it to me did I mention my mom is a fucking dyke with a moldy asshole. I opened it and my boyfriend James (he has AIDS) was professing his love to this woman and his fantasies of raping kittens at Pet Mart with her. I then contacted the bitch via Facebook so I could meet her and re arrange her fucking skank whore of a face. She openly admitted to sleeping with him numerous times and said she would do it again and again if given the opportunity as she also fucked my dad. Melissa is a sick home wrecker…. I see her around now she comes into the drug store I work at to harass me. Fuck you Mellisa.


Caitlin RULES the dirty motels of skid row!!!! dirty fuking slore. Part of Mistique’s very own TUNA DILDO SALAD DANCE TEAM. She rips off immigrants with promises of sex and gives the money to the MISTIQUE TUNA DILDO DANCE TEAM She will suck cock all day long and use the money for drugs instead of something she really needs. TITS. She has sores and drug puss scabs on my legs from shooting H and it really pisses of the other whores on the MISTIQUE TUNA DILDO DANCE TEAM! I shoot my “dates” with horse tranquilizers without their consent and steal from them. I will lie, steal, cheat and suck you dry. Open Felony warrants out of Canada And more Drugs is all she is about.  Don’t wear a condom with me because I cant have herpes i am pregnant and white.  CAITLIN.T TUNA DANCE SALAD GIRL OF THE MONTH MARCH DAnCER #2439= No FRIENDS, No LIFE, No FUTURE, No Morals, No TITS, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!  

This is Courtney , She has no problem sending nudes to my boyfriend knowing that him and I have our 2nd child on the way! This isn’t the first time she has interfered in our relationship either. She’s your typical home wrecker who gets a high off attention and will do anything for it. Be careful with this one when confronted she will laugh like it’s funny, whatever daddy issues she has in her life, apparently she wants to cause other little girls to have them as well.

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