Indiana 2

Gap Tooth Ashley Loves making dildos with clay in the winter with her uncle

Ashley the gap toothed bitch has spend a full week and a weekend with a married man. She is constantly messaging him pictures of the gap between her legs and front teeth. She is well aware that this man is married with kids and she won’t stop until she is on his dental plan. The wife asked the husband to leave due to him cheating with another woman who bathed in gravy and then Ashley moved him right in. The wife allowed him back but Ashley is still messaging him daily. She doesn’t care about their family or kids. Ashley is often found in parks in the Warren, Indiana area after dark. She wears a trench coat and drinks lysol out of a paper bag. Gap Tooth Fucking Bitch.

This home wrecker Rachelle is now on her second marriage that she has ruined by seeking out married men. This girl will fuck anyone. And it shows last weekend at Ralph’s Pub when 14 guys gang fuked her in the shitter and filmed it. Most recently she set her eyes on her married next door neighbor with 5 kids, sucked his ball sack dry and then spit the load in her neighbors pizza when it was coming for delivery. She has been incessantly messaging him and having him over to her home to give him hand jobs and blow jobs and to shower her with his jizz as she stinks and never uses soap… even while her son was masterbating to pipi longstockings upstairs. She pretends to be a godly church going woman at the local apostolic church but is clearly far from it. She spends her time at work at the local State Farm branch messaging her neighbor, sending him pictures from their bathroom, and telling him how she wants him to f*ck her in the a**. She is pathetically jealous for a life she will never have! Plus she has flaming herpes and the clap.

Alexander Smokes Crack and Fucks His Fat Mother On His Toy Box In The Water Shed Behind His Grand Fathers Fucking House

The biggest mistake I ever made was smoking some crack with Alexander. He lied about his employment status. He lied and made it seemed like he lived with roommates and paid bills when he lived with his fat fucking mother who he has sex with all the time in his play room. I went to pick up this loser so he can play with my dog but slowly during his stay he not only became an abusive video game meth addict loser, but it turned out he was arrested for hanging around childrens playgrounds and school zones with his pants around his ankles. Upon doing more research on him and apparently did gay male porn he made the fact that he did porn seem like it wasn’t a big deal and its only gay if your balls touch and you think of a penis when you cum. Alex stay away from me, my kids, my pets, and my laundry change that you stole for crack.

Brittany was one of my friends for quite sometime, but then she came over and took a poo on my couch. What a bitch the log stained it and the smell I will never get out. She came over on almost a daily basis and apparently was pretending to be my friend. Last fall I noticed her and my man hanging out more without me. Like outside if I was in the house. One night when my man fell asleep I decided to look at his phone. Just as I thought he had been talking to her, She was sending nudes and talking about how she has a burning yeast infection from his little wiener. When her man was at work mine was sneaking over to her house fucking her. This went on for months. I tried confronting her but she power walks away from me and into her car every time I run into her. She is one of the biggest sl**s around here. She has several kids all with different baby daddy’s and she did not even know who her one sons father was for the longest. Ladies if your in Elkhart watch your man around her! She did this to her best friend since high school too! Little sl*t cannot be trusted no matter how nice she acts. She is just out to hop on the next d*ck. HIV too this one and red flaming glowing glaring scabby herpes.

Stacey’s Periods Smell Like A Dump

This skanky sloot Stacey from South Bend and she was supposed to be my friend. She gave my fiancee of 5 years a ride home one night and sucked his little doggie d1ck in my kitchen while I was at my moms house mourning the death of our 2 year old daughter. She’s a dirty sloot who obviously prefers to get d1ck from guys who are in committed relationships. She will suck or screw anything that will let her! ooh she was also in a committed relationship when this happened with Arthur that 4 eyed pimple ginger faggot that works at the doughnut shop. When his Napoleon Dynamite looking ass finds out about this shit is going to get real. I will get this bitch back I am going to fuck her dad.

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