Wyoming 2

Robin Drinks Period Slushies in Pine Bluffs Wyoming

On the weekends Robin gets high on crack, puts her mouth on some fat chicks asshole. Right between the cheeks. Sucks out the diarrhea and period juice. She swallows it, then goes and grabs a frosted mug out of the cooler and pukes it in the mug to drink. Even though Robin was cheated on in her 1st marriage, she took home wrecking to a whole new level. She destroyed 3 marriages in less than 6 months! The 1st two marriages: Hers and a friend of her husband, when Robin and the other husband (George Burns) decided to have an affair. Texting and sexting, the whole nine yards! They got caught red handed in his camper, by his wife, during a party. Between the two families, nine kid’s lives were turned upside down in a heartbeat. Marriage number three: some gay dudes. Its fucking filthy. All for her greed of drinking the thirst quenching frosted menstrual cycle blood of other women. Her motto is Let The Good Times Flow Period Juice Everywhere. She is currently in the process of getting the patent to make period freezes.

Gets Tag Teamed By Paki Cops In Turbans That Jizz On Her Kids Legos.

I’d like to introduce the first lady of home wrecking in our fair little town. This person Stayce has completely wrecked a minimum of three households. (including her own!!!) Her history of sexual exploits is fucking disgusting and astounding. She has even managed to corrupt an entire street in her quest to explore the world of swinging. The street she lives on now has a divorce rate that must far exceed the national average. A true neighborhood wrecker! On the weekends there are two paki cops in town that wear turbans while on patrol. They go over to Stayce’s and tag team the bitches ass in her kids pool. They bring the blow up pool in the living room by the fire place. The turban headed pakis tag team her screaming paki language at the cricket match on her husbands big screen. The pakis both jizz on her and her kids lego then go to Mcdonalds to masterbate to the fat women working there.

Here I have a little slut in my fucking town called Alicia. She fucks any thing that moves including fire hydrants while she is eating ice cream from dairy queen. She filters her pictures so fucking bad and even filters her pictures for poo. This Home-wreckers who’s hobbies include sucking on multiple poles… Alicia likes to play the “poor me” so she hops from guy to guy sucking pole and pole like she is running a marathon through a forest of wieners. Bitch one time got caught having sex with my husband in the back of a van at the chevy dealership he worked at before he got fired because his boss was in love with fuking Alicia bareback raw in her dirty asshole. FUCK YOU ALICIA BITCH>

Whoreland Worland Amber is a fucking JEW. Her mission is to infest and infect rural Wyoming with her evil Jew lifestyle of child rape and third world immigration. This is what all Jews are pervert leaches that destroy society. You are next Wyoming thank this skank Amber who often shoves her used tampons in peoples bags at the Gym. She came into my husband’s life and pursued him knowing he was married. She used lies, sympathy and even FAKE suicide attempts to monopolize his time. The best one was when she said was possessed by a demon and it had thrown her all over the bathroom walls and floor. I later found out that on top of all the meth and crack that amber smokes and shoots up she is also into computer duster.???? What is that you ask? She sniffs those fucking spray cans of shit you use to clean out your computer printer. She gets high off of this like an Indian. Lol fucking stupid Jew she smells of cat piss all the time too its fucking rank.

I caught this girl Kim messaging my husband begging him for money to buy her a set of tits. I sent her a message asking what was going on…never answered. My husband swore he wouldnt talk to her anymore only jerk off to her little boy flat chest. About a month later caught him calling her again she would not answer my messages….about 2 months go by and my husband says he is gonna go for a ride on his motorcycle…I see pictures of them together playing with his dogs balls and they are smiling the whole time singing songs of love. I call her out even called her names no response she pretty much told me to fuck off….my husband finally admits her pussy is better than mine and with her he can actually blow his load…needless to say it never ended. Found out recently that she was always sleeping with another married man. All I can say is she is spineless b1tch and knew exactly what she was doing and that’s why she would never answer me!!! Kim hates niggers and says they smell like her shit and she shits on nigger welfare houses for fun when she is on crack and or meth.

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