Texas 5

Quiffs on Arbys Roast Beef Sandwiches Before Customers Get them At The Drive Thru she works at.

Ladies if you are married or looking into being engaged watch you men around Houston, Galena Park, Jacinto City , Pasaenda , Deer Park, La Porte and area. If he has a ring on his finger and a wife that loves him he is in danger. Lily  is cock gobbling attention needing slore who will whisper sweet lies of perfect sex in your mans ear and then meet him all over town to preform said acts which include her shitting on a glass see through coffee table while your man jerks off below to the poo plopping out of her asshole. She has given my fiance Trichomoniasis and recorded videos of her when she had been on her period rubbing his face all over her cum filled bloody taco muffin. She asks men for money through the Cashapp and goes by $amaraqueens.Then she will use his inbox to cry on his shoulder about how everyone is so mean to her and her life sucks in hopes he will create feelings for her because he feels sorry for her? Once she is in she will never go away just like the herpes she has. She is forever. Until she gets deported again fucking spic bitch.

Biance Loves Three way anal on a beach in the rain

She is Bianca from Rio Grande City, Texas and she has sex with married men to get a job at Subway. She will pretend to be your friend, then have sex with your husband on your bed, on your sons bed, and spend the night. Smoking crack rock with your husband while she pinches a big shit loaf in your toilet and doesn’t flush it. She will lie, and manipulate situations to purposely hurt children by telling them Santa Claus is a fucking faggot. She can not be trusted around married men or in a professional setting, just ask the fucking border guards. Please beware of this thirsty girl. She will sleep with your husband for a job. The only reason she hasn’t been fucking deported is that she blows everyone in contact and she rats out the Mexican drug cartels to the cops all the time. Fuck you Bianca shit stain yeast infection with period juice eating spic gopher molester. I would smack that smirk off your face with a big purple rubber dildo dipped in ranch dressing from safeway.

A textbook definition of a whore lovely Austin’s Very Own Crusty Muff Crystal she will suck you off under the breakfast table while you have your Cheerios. Knowingly goes after taken men with no remorse. She is selfish, she has no morals, absolutely no self respect, she steals everyones blow and cuts it with her tried out yeast infection crust dust. She usually sells it to street niggers for stolen goods. She runs through so many men and gets in the middle of so many relationships, it’s incredible how she can live with herself. But she does; doesn’t get a wink of sleep as she is always fucking or whacked out on what ever illicit substance she can get her greasy slut paws on. She is proud of the fact that she is a dirty nasty slut, an ugly Ghetto hood rat whore. Straight trash and she will show you her account on Anal Slut Love Girls any day of the week.. 

Ramos The Illegal Immigrant Buck Tooth Hedgehog from Amarillo, Texas

This husband chaser is RAMOS THE BUCKTOOTH HEDGEHOG she sleeps around in her hometown of Amarillo (although she jumped the fucking border bitch) and had a full on affair with a married man an american real man who is white and can read. She knew he was married when she started an affair of sneaking around and being the last one to leave the buildings when the rest of the maids went home. Being an embarrassment to her mother Jenifer Lopez… this man was so embarrassed of this rounchy dog he only met up with her in a roach infested storage unit which he rented from David Koresh when he fled from Waco back in 47′. He desperately tried to get rid of this trash and that’s when she started threatening him with the Mexican Flu!! In desperate attempts to try to keep someone that was obviously sick from the re-re-re fried beans she finished using her tampons to soak up puke from her yeast infection drink malt shake. She was used like trash ready to get tossed out. Buuut… she didn’t get the point. Until it was exposed.  She’s SCUM! A Total mental case! Ramos it is time to Vamos you fucking hedgehog take a sand grinder to those fucking wolly mammoth teeth tusks.

Crystal in Eagle Lake Texas bites the scabs off of her fathers warty cock and chews on them like bubble gum for hours. Fucking skank bitch. We were so close, talked at least 10 times EVERYDAY about our yeast infections and periods and what guys poo smelt better! She offered to help my husband pick out my mother’s day present, I said yeah call him! We went on a vacation (both families) in july, I knew then there was something going on when my son told me that her breath smelt like his dads cock. Finally in October, 5 days before my 14 wedding anniversary, I found a homebased herpes test from this slore to my husband with a heart around it and chocolates. In The note she is talking about her shitting on a glass coffee table and him sitting below the glass jerking off to the log coming out of her ass slowly. thinking about finally seeing him again the next Friday to go shit on a coffee table in IKEA. B1tch is shady af She lives in Eagle Lake and works at Walgreens where she shits in bags of potato chips so niggers buy them on welfare day. 

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