Arizona 3

She keeps trying to be with someone who is married. This four eyed eyebrow painting bitch Noelle is using the fact that they are good friends to make the husband feel like he has to choose. She invites him to do double dates then says never mind don’t bring your wife I can’t stand her (they’ve never met), continues to try to have something with him and cause problems with them she doesn’t care has been trying for years as soon as she finds herself feeling bored/single . They were caught having something before being married not that the marriage has been able to get through everything she’s back single and trying to break things up. Plus she leaves used tampons on park benches where old people sit to feed duck. Bitch.

Fucks the Garbage Man Cliff At The Dump

Marcia from Nogales cheats while her husband (a fireman) is at work.. She rams the whole fucking beer bottle up her snatch. If you show up at her with a house with a 6 pack when her husband goes to work, that is 6 bottles she fuks her self with. Bring 12 same thing. Bring a keg…. God you will be there for a week watching her maneuver that keg up her orfices while dudes hoot and holler. Throw money at her, jerk off, and video tape it for teenage boys to watch for jerk off to. She Loves married men, goes as far as denying affairs to wives and befriending affair partners family… Has no respect for herself! Do Not Trust Her! She is so sleezy she goes to the garbage dump and fucks Cliff the dump truck driver in the garbage and lets the fucking sea gulls peck her as he fends of rats from his dick and her muff as he tries to score. Garbage Crotch Marcia is a fucking bitch Flat out that simple.

Their Brothers Mow Lawns In the USA But These Bitches Don’t Shave Their Bushes.

Hello these moldy bitches are The Dirty Sanchez Twins of Yuma, Arizona. They tell everyone they are Christian Mexican virgins but the whores are fucking my Husband and I found out about it in 2016 started when they were claiming to be 18 and my husband was thirty-eight. To make matters worse my Husband just lost his job as a gay male film star after contracting HIV from a nigger who thought he was a blow up doll. You can find these sluts roaming Yuma looking for their next pole to fight over and eat the sour cream out of. Dirty Whores. Plus they are here illegally so hopefully ICE gets them. These Mexicans dont want their own stinky men so come here for ours, sick beaner hoes.

Best lay in Arizona but smokes way too much crack with homeless people in the park

I found out the man I’ve been with for 4 years, who I thought was absolutely perfect and that I could build a future with has been cheating with 2 coworkers for at least a year one is a fucking dude. They both knew about me and fucking laughed at me. Must be easier to remember?). From what I read, Shawn (my panhandling crackhead child porn watching boyfriend) insinuates that he loves this one. He would tell me he’d be home at 5 or 6 but message her that he was off early and they’d go meet, fuck in my car or at my house I got from the settlement from Bill Cosby. Shawn and I had broken up a million times, any one of those he could’ve said, “I’m seeing someone else and I’m done.” I told him when we first started dating to be open and honest if he wanted to sleep with someone else. I kept trying to make it work when we would get back together. It hurt that he would always be meeting with his “work buddies” and never invite me. Now I know why. Good luck to them, I hope their future together is garbage like they are. And the mold from her vagina causes asbestos to their new cardboard box home.

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