Wisconsin 2

Tiffany doesn’t put up with Monkeyshines like nigger putting their paws on her food.

This pathetic excuse for a women will try to get with any married man she can. She loves sending men pictures of her breasts among other things. Ladies beware. Tiffany fucks all of Madison it is so fun and funny when she moos like a cow. We dress her in green and put a cheese head on her and call her slutty names. She is just like all women from Wisconsin. Her pussy smells like the cheese they all wear on their heads too. One time Tiffany and I went to McDonalds and she beat the shit out of the nigger bitch working behind the till. When asked why she did it Tiffany said with a deep husky voice ” I don’t like niggers putting their paws on me grub”. This bitch Tiffany means serious business.

Loves her fucking Cereal and dildos

 Melissa loves men who are married and have tractors and cheese farms or in long relationships. Men with $$ the better she loves it when men put peanut butter on their wieners and let her videotape them fucking a bee hive. It is a game to her to get the men she sleeps with to leave their girlfriends to be with her and her honey comb cereal. Once they leave their girlfriends she loses interest and switches brands of cereal. The man and cereal and milk tool moves on to the next bitch which is usually her sister in the trailer they share with Uncle Bill while stringing the previous one along. No shame in this ones game! She has managed to break up 3 homes that I know of. One guys girlfriend was 8 months pregnant!! and Melissa went to the baby shower and stole the ladies bath salts and got high and went to the Green Bay Packers games and thought all the niggers were coming to Wisconsin to eat the cheese with chicken and watermelons. Good shit those bath salts.

This disgusting whore Korina is delusional. I think I speak for all when I say….ha ha you won’t get child support from anyone!!She thinks she is one of the hottest chicks in this area just because she got gang fucked by 8 of us at once. We all blew are loads all over here and now she says she is pregnant. Tough shit your body your kid your problem. Don’t call us. We all gave you fake names and are all from out of town.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Michele is a fucking horse slut. She slept with my fat hairy husband and when I hired a private investigator I found out she was having an affair with her boss at Servpro of Appleton. Sucking his ball sack in her mouth while she fingered his asshole feverishly. I was married for 4 years. And it turns out her boss have been in a relationship for 20+ years. She goes after loser men who are having issues in their relationship. She is a drunk and crack addicted whore. Anyone willing to be a part of ruining a family and not giving a shit is cum dumpster trash! F.Y.I. it doesn’t matter to her who she hurts. You, your kids and your family. She is a heartless slut and only cares about herself! And her hay in the barn and her horse shoes.

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