Benjamin The Four Eyed Dork Goes To Africa To Purchase Boon/Slave

No matter how much Benjamin hoses the nigger bitch and soaps it she still smells like a nigger.

Although Benjamin and Akinyi connected online and bonded quickly over their shared snuff and bondage porn addictions, the 90 Day Fiancé couple struggled with Akinyi’s foul nigger stench when they finally met in person. Akinyi claimed Benjamin was a dorky window peeper which disappointed her family. What’s more, he could barely afford her watermelon flavored tampons, leaving him to make ongoing payments to her poor nigger brother and father in the future because Kenya doesn’t have that many white people for the niggers to steal from like in America. And Benjamin’s strict devotion to whacking off to nigger sows left him frustrated with her after she smoked crack and watched her brother Fidel fuck their family goat. On Jan. 21, he shared a sweet selfie of his balls in the Gorilla Akinyi’s mouth, captioning it simply, “Look who I found roaming around in the wild, There are millions of these niggers in Africa” and adding the hashtags #slaves and #auntjemima. The selfie was taken at the Kenyatta Wildlife Slave Sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya, meaning that Benjamin took a trip to Akinyi’s home to maybe grab another cotton picker.

Benjamin and Akinyi have been quiet on social media about one another since the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell-All. Benjamin shared some glory hole pictures of the time he spent out at gay bath houses in Phoenix without his fiancee (or wife). Meanwhile, Akinyi seemed to hint at one point that they weren’t together, and posted plenty of snapshots of herself with her father bending her over on UN Food Donation bags of rice. If that was true at one point, it doesn’t look like it is anymore. On his Instagram stories, Benjamin answered a 90 Day Fiancé fan’s question by affirming that nigger bitch Akinyi was still plowing his fields and making his pancakes. “Are you eating ok?” the fan asked. “Yeah that nigger plow hasn’t been returned home yet” Ben responded.

Still, Benjamin stayed silent about the details of beating the shit out of Akinyi with a metal rusty pipe for fun. When a fan asked him on Instagram when he would be beat Akinyi again so he could watch it on youtube, the 90 Day Fiancé star responded noncommittally, writing: “Wish I could give you an answer, but I can’t…say now for legal reasons as this nigger bitch somehow thinks she has rights and can talk now that she is in America

He told another fan that he still lived on the streets in Phoenix and “didn’t give a shit” when Akinyi would be sleeping, causing even more confusion about why he and his Kenyan slave were living apart. 

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