Brazil 10

Beware of Luciana she has herpes. I know I gave them to her. Back in 2004 I went on a singles site to get a hot brazilian bitch. Instead I got Luciana. I fucked her a couple times then ditched her back off at the bus depot I picked her up at. I did promise her I would pay for her and marry her and all that shit. But I fuked her and she wasn’t as hot as the picture she sent so I tried to return the bitch for a refund. She can’t cook, read, clean, speak barely any fucking english except for fuck me and blast it in my mouth. Just a dirty skank. Just beware you will itch and burn I have a really scabby case of those bastards and did the best American way and shared them with Luciana and the rest of Brazil. Fuck You Luciana And Fuck your faggot homo soccer loving country of losers.

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