Maine 2

This wrinkled face toothpick Carson of South Thomaston, Maine slept with a married man for over 10 months, while the wife was home taking care of their kid. After the wife found out about the affair, Carson harassed the wife all over social media calling her fat and saying she was “the side piece” And showing nude pictures of her beside her laughing at her rolls. This woman has a daughter as well and is a terrible example for how a woman or mother should act. She’s currently a social worker and works for Maine DHS (child protective services). This woman is also known for sleeping with other married men and guys with girlfriends. She has zero respect for herself and will sleep with just about anyone. I call my CPS on people in my neighborhood so Carson has to go out. Then Carson comes over to my place and sucks me off and swallows my load. All of this is on the tax payers dime. Thank you state of Maine citizens.


Kelly makes poo cakes with her bum cheeks yeah. She liquid splatters poo on a flat surface, usually a kitchen table. Then She Grabs her fat ass cheeks and jumps up so her ass cheeks smear the poo. The ass cheek pressure on the poo smear, makes a very nicely shaped cake. She calls them Kelly’s Poo Bum Cheek Cakes and she sells them on the streets for money. She was close friends with my friend and her husband and they really loved her smelly poo cakes their favourite flavour was cherry jizz. My friend’s children also attended the daycare that Kelly runs and gets the kids to package her poo cakes like child labor. Kelly was like a sister to my friend, and was part of the family until she became a big wheel in the POO CAKE GAME. My friend and her husband were going through a rough patch in their marriage, and were working on it. Kelly knew this, and capitalized on stealing their POO CAKE stronghold in Bangor. Kelly would offer advice, ask how things were going, and ask if they were going to stay together. She told my friend that she had a perfect life: the husband, the beautiful kids, the nice home all made from A POO CAKE EMPIRE.

Ashley has a big purple rubber dildo that has an electric cord. She plugs it in and fucks herself with it hence why she looks so in SHOCK! She is always Sending naked pictures of herself, going out on “dates” to medical hemroidal herpes dinners (all while I am thinking he is going to alone), participating in the lie my husband has created so I dont find out about their sexcapades. If there’s an ethical code broken here, I will find it and bring it the medical boards. Hes just as bad. We are trying to fix it marriage (going to counseling) and she khows about it. I am so tempted to contact her and let her know what I think of her. I am on to you Ashley and you sucking my husbands ballsack and laughing at me. You bitch.

Smells Like R Kelly’s Cock Cheese

Erica steals from the food bank in Bangor Maine and she sleeps with married men, coworkers, men who have a baby on the way with their wife/girlfriend too. Most recently she homewrecked the marriage of her sons football coach just so her kid could make the team. She and the coach even went on a cruise together that Erica’s husband paid for her and all the crack and meth they used. They are both lower than an ants d1ck and smell like RKelly’s cock cheese. Her married football coach boyfriend still hooks up with kids dads too and she sucks their ass shit off his dick when she gets off shift at hooters. Erica moos like a cow when she gets bent over and fucked. She is always stealing from the food bank as she has to work their for community service. For all her drug and drunk charges. The cops won’t let her suck them off any more as they know her meth mouth is scabby. Bitch.

This broad Tara she is a pig and a walrus and she was just “friends” with my husband until she tried moving him in after a fight we had. She sucked his fucking cock in my front yard while the neighborhood kids watched while they were playing basketball. The old man down the street started fucking his dog on his porch to it. Fuck it was cool. Then Tara blew liquid shit chunks out of her loose asshole like a fire hydrant. Shit all over the white houses and picket fences. Old people rocking in their rocking chairs on their front porch splattered in Tara’s liquid shit splatter with chunks of corn and peanuts in it. The dogs went crazy. Then she told me they had an affair last summer where she sprayed HIS OWN mother and father and cousin brothers in her poo smear shit on the family farm. They’re both gone now. My life is miserable due to Tara splattering her shit. FUCK YOU TARA Bitch

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San Diego

Lesbian Slut Coke Head Izzy Pees in the Pool.

I met this girl Izzy in San Diego shes a fucking slutbag , her and her dyke friend Renee We’re s walking around the zoo , they came up next to me laughing pretending to be drunk and whacked up on coke , they kept saying how they wanted to go to my room and “party” I bring them To my room fucked them both when I went to Wash the whore off of me they ran out and stole all my drug money and fake Rolex watch and cell phone . Beware of these girls !!! Later I went down the street and seen them trying to break into cars for more money for coke. Then some big fuck came out of a lexus near them and pistol whipped them. I felt bad and still wanted to get laid so I got my money back took them back to the hotel for round 2. Then we went swimming and Izzy and Renee peed in the pool to mark their territory. Good times.

Lily sticks her fingers in her bum when its dirty on the bus , she works at Taco Bell and shoves burittos up her cooch it makes her happy all the time. She met my husband at a walmart in San Diego this November and made love in the pickle section of the store. She knew he was married and still decided to hook up with him in front of her kids. She doesn’t care if the person is in relationship or not. She might make a good taco and gives good head to Mexicans waiting outside the Home Depot for work to buy crack. But somehow she seeks attention and that night she served a lot of guys to get attention. She swallowed loads until she got sick. She had some Pepto Bismol and kept swallowing cum. Its because food stamps only go so fucking far. Lily used tampon itchy cum rag you belong in the pet store with your dad on a sunday after football.

Enjoys Basking In Glorious Shit Logs Alone

Monique was the first one to see his poo log in the toilet at the party but she didn’t tell us. She didn’t have the thought to let us know there was a marvelous shit log laying in the bowl steamy and smelly. She wanted to enjoy that poo log all to herself. Then she went and slept with a married man while she was still married to another man (who she has a child with) all while still looking at the picture of the poo on her i phone as she was getting fucked doggy from behind on the balcony. Currently in the process of a divorce, but kept sleeping with the other married man for months until they both got caught with each others shit log pictures on their cell phones and work computers. The man actually had Moniques diareah splatter granny panties picture as his screen saver. “Fit mom” turned homewrecker who doesn’t even realize that everyone knows about her and talks about her behind her back. Tainted reputation just like her underwear. Bitch next time you see a beautiful manly log with flies swarming around it like fresh brewed from your native Mexico. You best let us know or we will have words bitch.

If you meet Misty you will share her love of her dog Fluffy. Misty usually goes on sites looking for men to have sex with Fluffy. Literally ass fuck Fluffy in front of her while she vibrates her self with her Paw Patrol Vibrator. She is not mentally ill and completely sane. She will drain your balls in her dog and get higher than a kite on Heroin with you. She has fake hair(a wig), boobs, nose and lips. She lies about everything including her age. But its all about Fluffy. Plus she farts alot. Like I mean she can clear a room with her stinky garbage dump wet old man jiz farts. There are always poo smears on her Garfield and Odie bed sheets.

She rams the fucking bat and big balls up her moldy pussy. This 24 yr old girl “Shelly” likes to pick up on old men at co ed adult soft ball games in San Diego. She says they’re her “homeboys”. And my husband is one of them. Constantly asking for rides and stays keeping in contact thinking I got it all mixed up. #13YearsAgeGap This hoe walks the streets with her smelly vagina and she pees on fire hydrants. Then she sees old men with their canes and she grabs their canes and rams them up her asshole. Then she poos on the street and sniffs it and barks jingle bells while smoking crack. Bitch.

san diego comic con simpsons
Has a big brown chunky shit skid mark in his underwear he got from the homeless shelter. He also Fucks These Old Hags Stringy Vaginal Slop.

This guys name is Mike. He fucks these old mentally handicapped women in the park at night. He says he is a “sports broker” but is a degenerate drunk and drug user who tickles his dogs ass hole with scissors while watching Murphy Brown Re Runs.. He posts photos of him burning cigarettes out on his fathers nut sack when he is passed out at the nursing home from morphine. He lives at The San Diego Red Cross Homeless Shelter under the name Mitch and has a window bottom bunk with his own locker. He has an extensive criminal record and isn’t allowed near schools. Multiple arrest for driving under the influence of crack. The list continues. There are 10 times that he has showered in his 60 years on this planet that I am aware of. No one goes to the police because they are afraid the lice on his bum crust will come after them. The man should be in jail with niggers. He steals lawn ornaments to pawn for crack money. The shit skid mark in his underwear makes a Jar of Jiffy Chunky Peanut Butter Jealous. Come on Mike get your shit together. Faggot.

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This b1tch Ashley from Montreal is the definition of tramp , floozy tramp sloot anything to deal with sloring around. Not to mention FAKE as fuk. But on Christmas she gets fucking horny from all the meth laced egg nog she drinks and she shits in boxes and then wraps up shit, piss, blood, used tampons, ect as Christmas presents. Then she gets horny and grabs ornaments off the tree and shoves them in her box and asshole. She loves the glass bulbs as she rolls around on the floor in her shit and piss. Having the glass bulbs break in her vagina and asshole and cutting it up. It makes Ashley feel so fucking horny. She set up the camera to take pictures and she is making a calendar for next year. All pictures of her shoving shit up her box and asshole. A new picture every month. Your parents are proud Ashley. Good Job! And Merry Christmas.

This thief fat slore is not to be trusted ! Set up my friend and stole from him ! She is an attention seeking ugly fat slore who will litteraly  fuk anything for attention.  Her name is Erica and she is one of Montreal’s finest frog french cock sucking whores. The french women aren’t really good for much else beside being a load dump. Last time I seen Erica I went over to a house to score some crack and Erica was sitting on the couch watching the food network with a pair of scissors in her twat frigging her pussy infront of a bunch of dudes that were also watching cakes be baked. Rumor has it she frequents a midget bar in Laval and fucks the “Little People” There as a joke and films it and sends the videos to her Uncle in Los Angeles to make porn videos. stay far far away from Erica she has SARS and Airborn COVID-19 coming out of her nasty french toast pussy. I want my Tampons back Erica you fucking skank.

Crack Head Brandy Wants Her Ex Boyfriends Wiener and Ball Sack Back

Brandy has literally been obsessed with my nice fake tits since I started talking to her ex boyfriend and sucking his cock lol I don’t even understand because she’s was in another relationship AND told me to keep him because she finally got rid of him. But then when she found out I have connections to get the best crack in this frog shit town. Brandy is so mad because since she got out of Porn and moved back to Canada the crack quality isn’t as good as it is in Los Angeles and she has had to resort to smoking meth and huffing glue and cleaners. Its just not fair she always yells. She cuts her wrists alot and since she moved out of the shelter and has been off parole she got an apartment and a cat. The cat dies as her ex boyfriend raped it in her bathtub with her brothers and they ate it with Bruce Lee when they were done. Brandy stay away from me and your ex boyfriends wiener because its mine now. You hear me bitch.

These Bitches never paid for their implants. They also dine and dash at cheap delis in Montreal constantly.

 This is Kelly Mac. She’s honestly an embarrassment hoe. She drives around in her daddy’s Benz, but keeps her old beemer at home for her dad to drive, Selfish bish. She also walks around thinking she’s better than everyone else, but she’ll bang a dirty old man for a new Louis bag. that’s how she gets all her bags. But tries to keep her day job classy at a dental clinic. Girl, we all know your a hoe at night. She got her ex to pay for her fake +2’s all the way in Montreal, But she tries to make everyone feel bad for her when she tells them how much he cheated on her. Nobody cares Kelly, stop fuking these old men for a new bag, it’s disgusting. And stop thinking you’re better than everyone else.

There is this Hatian nigger that roams around here at night and shits on people’s lawns. I know because I heard him rap about it at his concert. His new album was called Les Watermelons avec Poulet.

Montreal Canadiens Logo Simpsons

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Gap Tooth Ashley Loves making dildos with clay in the winter with her uncle

Ashley the gap toothed bitch has spend a full week and a weekend with a married man. She is constantly messaging him pictures of the gap between her legs and front teeth. She is well aware that this man is married with kids and she won’t stop until she is on his dental plan. The wife asked the husband to leave due to him cheating with another woman who bathed in gravy and then Ashley moved him right in. The wife allowed him back but Ashley is still messaging him daily. She doesn’t care about their family or kids. Ashley is often found in parks in the Warren, Indiana area after dark. She wears a trench coat and drinks lysol out of a paper bag. Gap Tooth Fucking Bitch.

This home wrecker Rachelle is now on her second marriage that she has ruined by seeking out married men. This girl will fuck anyone. And it shows last weekend at Ralph’s Pub when 14 guys gang fuked her in the shitter and filmed it. Most recently she set her eyes on her married next door neighbor with 5 kids, sucked his ball sack dry and then spit the load in her neighbors pizza when it was coming for delivery. She has been incessantly messaging him and having him over to her home to give him hand jobs and blow jobs and to shower her with his jizz as she stinks and never uses soap… even while her son was masterbating to pipi longstockings upstairs. She pretends to be a godly church going woman at the local apostolic church but is clearly far from it. She spends her time at work at the local State Farm branch messaging her neighbor, sending him pictures from their bathroom, and telling him how she wants him to f*ck her in the a**. She is pathetically jealous for a life she will never have! Plus she has flaming herpes and the clap.

Alexander Smokes Crack and Fucks His Fat Mother On His Toy Box In The Water Shed Behind His Grand Fathers Fucking House

The biggest mistake I ever made was smoking some crack with Alexander. He lied about his employment status. He lied and made it seemed like he lived with roommates and paid bills when he lived with his fat fucking mother who he has sex with all the time in his play room. I went to pick up this loser so he can play with my dog but slowly during his stay he not only became an abusive video game meth addict loser, but it turned out he was arrested for hanging around childrens playgrounds and school zones with his pants around his ankles. Upon doing more research on him and apparently did gay male porn he made the fact that he did porn seem like it wasn’t a big deal and its only gay if your balls touch and you think of a penis when you cum. Alex stay away from me, my kids, my pets, and my laundry change that you stole for crack.

Brittany was one of my friends for quite sometime, but then she came over and took a poo on my couch. What a bitch the log stained it and the smell I will never get out. She came over on almost a daily basis and apparently was pretending to be my friend. Last fall I noticed her and my man hanging out more without me. Like outside if I was in the house. One night when my man fell asleep I decided to look at his phone. Just as I thought he had been talking to her, She was sending nudes and talking about how she has a burning yeast infection from his little wiener. When her man was at work mine was sneaking over to her house fucking her. This went on for months. I tried confronting her but she power walks away from me and into her car every time I run into her. She is one of the biggest sl**s around here. She has several kids all with different baby daddy’s and she did not even know who her one sons father was for the longest. Ladies if your in Elkhart watch your man around her! She did this to her best friend since high school too! Little sl*t cannot be trusted no matter how nice she acts. She is just out to hop on the next d*ck. HIV too this one and red flaming glowing glaring scabby herpes.

Stacey’s Periods Smell Like A Dump

This skanky sloot Stacey from South Bend and she was supposed to be my friend. She gave my fiancee of 5 years a ride home one night and sucked his little doggie d1ck in my kitchen while I was at my moms house mourning the death of our 2 year old daughter. She’s a dirty sloot who obviously prefers to get d1ck from guys who are in committed relationships. She will suck or screw anything that will let her! ooh she was also in a committed relationship when this happened with Arthur that 4 eyed pimple ginger faggot that works at the doughnut shop. When his Napoleon Dynamite looking ass finds out about this shit is going to get real. I will get this bitch back I am going to fuck her dad.

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Circle Jerk Center Piece Crack Whore Danielle. Will suck you off in the Timmys parking lot for a coffee.

This is Danielle of Hamilton We “exclusively” dated for a year and a half. She picked me up like all the other dudes in the Tim Hortons parking lot she sucked my cock for an Ice cap. She seemed like a cute innocent catholic girl. She gave her virginity to me. I went away for school for 2 months and she was getting close to guys from uni texting things like “can your bf pick you up like me” then denied any foul play but entertained them. She is looking for a beta-cuck to do her bidding, her friends also. (Lindsey,Sarah,Derya,Iman.) They have a following of orbiters that they are constantly virtue signaling to. Eventually her true colors came out. She is living life in the fast lane of crack and being the center piece for a circle jerk to jerk off on. . I noticed after I had a mental breakdown, went on a meth binge, beat the shit out of drunk natives for no reason, and switched careers that she was supportive and then switched completely. She started gas-lighting me and I started to notice the community ostracizing me. She is persuing a hedonistic red pill life. She might have been gold digging but my well was dry lol I am no saint I have made mistakes also but I pray that she ends up somewhere beautiful. I hope you find peace Danielle. Remember absolute power corrupts absolutely. Oh yeah I want my crack pipe and needles back you fucking thief.

This slore Victoria (HIV POSITIVE) manipulates niggers with fried chicken and watermelon and drinks their diareah out of a titans cup. Even knowing they are married with small children at home. She preys on nigger because she wishes she was more street worthy and is attracted to animals and other sick things. Women who like black men have the same sick trait as child molesters. Threatening to put hands on me when I was suspicious. Even when my husband cut her off, she continued to try to manipulate him and then tried to sabotage his reconciliation. Stay away from her, she has no morals. She doesn’t even understand why he cut her off and thinks this is all a joke. Honestly, whoever is dumb enough to marry her is going to be hurt eventually. She has HIV and herpes and Ebola. She is so gross a woman who fucks a nigger is soul less. Like people who rob the elderly, harm children, or beat their pet cats and dogs for fun and laugh. Fuck you Victoria HAMILTONS GUTTER TRASH!!!!!!

This is Jasmine from Kitchener Ontario. She got knocked the fuck out (made it to World Star Hip Hop too) by her boyfriend Jamal for fucking up the KFC order when she came home from working 2 full time jobs, to her shitty apartment, which she pays for everything at. You see Jasmine fucked a nigger once and now no real man will touch the disease infested sicko so she only dates crack addicted HIV positive niggers on welfare that beat her ass. Thats her live in a nutshell after being with a boon. She never has money, her family disowned her, she has AIDS, a bunch of fatherless niglets, No self pride, no real friends, a drug problem, she can not obtain a real job as no one takes her serious. Would you hire someone that fucks a dog a goat or a child? Of course not. Jasmine’s life is over. All because she thought hanging out with niggers was cool. The Jewish TV said it was. Lost life. Its like murder. These things need to be prevented. Save a life.

Peterborough Pam Chews Used Shit Covered Cum Condoms Like Big League Chew Bubble Gum

This is a bitch Peterborough Pam. She messaged my baby dad. Saying he wanted to hook up with her. He told her he had a girlfriend and she said that his girlfriend would never know. When my baby dad said he was living with me she messaged me calling me a slut just bc my kids dad is living with me. Then she had the nerve to say I’m on this Mattorton site and then said I’m not. She is a bitch and lier. And try’s to ruin people’s lives and relationships  I caught her in the alley outside our crib she went through our garbage. I found her grabbing out the shit covered cum filled condoms and chewing them like bubble gum. You know that Big League Chew Shit In A Pouch. Pam is disgusting and watch everything when in Peterborough around her. This meth head bitch be tripping.

This girl likes to give her son pee and likes to sleep around. Her name is Jessica and she lives in Newmarket Ontario and loves crack. She has a kid at home that is 4 and runs around in his diaper with a little rat tail hair cut around her trailer. Her step dad whips her and her son when he finds them hiding behind all the old burnt out cars on their front yard with no lawn like a native house. She pees in a sippy cup and lets her kid drink it as he runs around the yard. She spends all her welfare money on crack and meth for her and her step dad that they can’t even buy juice crystals. She always has rap music blaring from the trailer and young kids there that think they are niggers or homo sexuals (what ever jew trend the kids follow, no one ever thought they would make being black or gay cool, next is probably child molester the idiots will follow) or vampire goth kids smoke crack and throw diapers at cars. Its a fucking shit show at Jessica’s. Dont’t miss the party if you are in Newmarket.

Ontario 6

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Toronto 1

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Robin Drinks Period Slushies in Pine Bluffs Wyoming

On the weekends Robin gets high on crack, puts her mouth on some fat chicks asshole. Right between the cheeks. Sucks out the diarrhea and period juice. She swallows it, then goes and grabs a frosted mug out of the cooler and pukes it in the mug to drink. Even though Robin was cheated on in her 1st marriage, she took home wrecking to a whole new level. She destroyed 3 marriages in less than 6 months! The 1st two marriages: Hers and a friend of her husband, when Robin and the other husband (George Burns) decided to have an affair. Texting and sexting, the whole nine yards! They got caught red handed in his camper, by his wife, during a party. Between the two families, nine kid’s lives were turned upside down in a heartbeat. Marriage number three: some gay dudes. Its fucking filthy. All for her greed of drinking the thirst quenching frosted menstrual cycle blood of other women. Her motto is Let The Good Times Flow Period Juice Everywhere. She is currently in the process of getting the patent to make period freezes.

Gets Tag Teamed By Paki Cops In Turbans That Jizz On Her Kids Legos.

I’d like to introduce the first lady of home wrecking in our fair little town. This person Stayce has completely wrecked a minimum of three households. (including her own!!!) Her history of sexual exploits is fucking disgusting and astounding. She has even managed to corrupt an entire street in her quest to explore the world of swinging. The street she lives on now has a divorce rate that must far exceed the national average. A true neighborhood wrecker! On the weekends there are two paki cops in town that wear turbans while on patrol. They go over to Stayce’s and tag team the bitches ass in her kids pool. They bring the blow up pool in the living room by the fire place. The turban headed pakis tag team her screaming paki language at the cricket match on her husbands big screen. The pakis both jizz on her and her kids lego then go to Mcdonalds to masterbate to the fat women working there.

Here I have a little slut in my fucking town called Alicia. She fucks any thing that moves including fire hydrants while she is eating ice cream from dairy queen. She filters her pictures so fucking bad and even filters her pictures for poo. This Home-wreckers who’s hobbies include sucking on multiple poles… Alicia likes to play the “poor me” so she hops from guy to guy sucking pole and pole like she is running a marathon through a forest of wieners. Bitch one time got caught having sex with my husband in the back of a van at the chevy dealership he worked at before he got fired because his boss was in love with fuking Alicia bareback raw in her dirty asshole. FUCK YOU ALICIA BITCH>

Whoreland Worland Amber is a fucking JEW. Her mission is to infest and infect rural Wyoming with her evil Jew lifestyle of child rape and third world immigration. This is what all Jews are pervert leaches that destroy society. You are next Wyoming thank this skank Amber who often shoves her used tampons in peoples bags at the Gym. She came into my husband’s life and pursued him knowing he was married. She used lies, sympathy and even FAKE suicide attempts to monopolize his time. The best one was when she said was possessed by a demon and it had thrown her all over the bathroom walls and floor. I later found out that on top of all the meth and crack that amber smokes and shoots up she is also into computer duster.???? What is that you ask? She sniffs those fucking spray cans of shit you use to clean out your computer printer. She gets high off of this like an Indian. Lol fucking stupid Jew she smells of cat piss all the time too its fucking rank.

I caught this girl Kim messaging my husband begging him for money to buy her a set of tits. I sent her a message asking what was going on…never answered. My husband swore he wouldnt talk to her anymore only jerk off to her little boy flat chest. About a month later caught him calling her again she would not answer my messages….about 2 months go by and my husband says he is gonna go for a ride on his motorcycle…I see pictures of them together playing with his dogs balls and they are smiling the whole time singing songs of love. I call her out even called her names no response she pretty much told me to fuck off….my husband finally admits her pussy is better than mine and with her he can actually blow his load…needless to say it never ended. Found out recently that she was always sleeping with another married man. All I can say is she is spineless b1tch and knew exactly what she was doing and that’s why she would never answer me!!! Kim hates niggers and says they smell like her shit and she shits on nigger welfare houses for fun when she is on crack and or meth.

Wyoming 1


Has a hat with 2 cans of jizz to drink at OSU games

Michele She cant get a man of her own so she goes after married men in hopes of them taking care of her ass and her kids.  And on the weekends she loves to shove Rutabaga’s up her fucking asshole while watching OSU football games. She is usually found in the parking lots there blowing all the old pathetic fat fucking losers that attend the games. She wears a foam finger that reads “SLUT #1” And has one of those fucking hats with 2 drinks and a straw going to her mouth. In those cans of so called “Beer” contain the jizz of about 90% of the dudes in the parking lot. Michelle runs around alot with BITTER BEER FACE. Load swallowing Michelle fuck you and the faggot horse you rode in on Bitch.

Niggers use condoms? We wouldn’t have the problems in the world if they did. Negros are fertile demon species that can mate with humans. Much like a horse and a donkey making a mule. They aren’t the same animal, just like people and niggers or as society calls them “BLACK” people.

Glory Hole Girl Lyndsey. Nice Tits But Has Crabs That Burn Really Fucking Bad.

I got flaming crabs from this bitch. She was on the other side of the glory hole. You should of smelt the tuna infected bug muff this bitch had made the dry wall rust a metalic green like mucus from a grizzly bears asshole in the summer. Someone needs to hit Lyndsey with the biggest dick tree in the cock forrest and a reality check. This floozy has kids that she doesnt know who the father is, and tries to raise them by offering sexual services outside of her nurse job for a ridiculously low price. I usually bulk up on her saving bundle package. And with the little money she makes, she just ends up using most of it on booze and drugs. If only her brain was as big as her breasts… She shoots up some mad rock with theses 80’s metal faggots smoking crack out of old Pabst 45 beer cans and plaing with dildos in the back of the el Camino with Tupac blaring.

Samantha of Columbus is such a cock gobbling whore. She loves to fuck so much she made her loser husband get another job so he would be out of the house more so we could all go over there and fuck the bag off her. Last time I was there we were all so limp dicked from blowing loads on her we went into the garage and started fucking her with her husbands tools. I got the rake and just gave it to her. I was jealous of the dude that got the diesel powered leaf blower it looked fun. His name was John our kids play tball together. Back to Samantha if the neighborhood keeps having all this fun with her her husband may need to get a third job. Plus he needs to buy some new tools lol.

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Quiffs on Arbys Roast Beef Sandwiches Before Customers Get them At The Drive Thru she works at.

Ladies if you are married or looking into being engaged watch you men around Houston, Galena Park, Jacinto City , Pasaenda , Deer Park, La Porte and area. If he has a ring on his finger and a wife that loves him he is in danger. Lily  is cock gobbling attention needing slore who will whisper sweet lies of perfect sex in your mans ear and then meet him all over town to preform said acts which include her shitting on a glass see through coffee table while your man jerks off below to the poo plopping out of her asshole. She has given my fiance Trichomoniasis and recorded videos of her when she had been on her period rubbing his face all over her cum filled bloody taco muffin. She asks men for money through the Cashapp and goes by $amaraqueens.Then she will use his inbox to cry on his shoulder about how everyone is so mean to her and her life sucks in hopes he will create feelings for her because he feels sorry for her? Once she is in she will never go away just like the herpes she has. She is forever. Until she gets deported again fucking spic bitch.

Biance Loves Three way anal on a beach in the rain

She is Bianca from Rio Grande City, Texas and she has sex with married men to get a job at Subway. She will pretend to be your friend, then have sex with your husband on your bed, on your sons bed, and spend the night. Smoking crack rock with your husband while she pinches a big shit loaf in your toilet and doesn’t flush it. She will lie, and manipulate situations to purposely hurt children by telling them Santa Claus is a fucking faggot. She can not be trusted around married men or in a professional setting, just ask the fucking border guards. Please beware of this thirsty girl. She will sleep with your husband for a job. The only reason she hasn’t been fucking deported is that she blows everyone in contact and she rats out the Mexican drug cartels to the cops all the time. Fuck you Bianca shit stain yeast infection with period juice eating spic gopher molester. I would smack that smirk off your face with a big purple rubber dildo dipped in ranch dressing from safeway.

A textbook definition of a whore lovely Austin’s Very Own Crusty Muff Crystal she will suck you off under the breakfast table while you have your Cheerios. Knowingly goes after taken men with no remorse. She is selfish, she has no morals, absolutely no self respect, she steals everyones blow and cuts it with her tried out yeast infection crust dust. She usually sells it to street niggers for stolen goods. She runs through so many men and gets in the middle of so many relationships, it’s incredible how she can live with herself. But she does; doesn’t get a wink of sleep as she is always fucking or whacked out on what ever illicit substance she can get her greasy slut paws on. She is proud of the fact that she is a dirty nasty slut, an ugly Ghetto hood rat whore. Straight trash and she will show you her account on Anal Slut Love Girls any day of the week.. 

Ramos The Illegal Immigrant Buck Tooth Hedgehog from Amarillo, Texas

This husband chaser is RAMOS THE BUCKTOOTH HEDGEHOG she sleeps around in her hometown of Amarillo (although she jumped the fucking border bitch) and had a full on affair with a married man an american real man who is white and can read. She knew he was married when she started an affair of sneaking around and being the last one to leave the buildings when the rest of the maids went home. Being an embarrassment to her mother Jenifer Lopez… this man was so embarrassed of this rounchy dog he only met up with her in a roach infested storage unit which he rented from David Koresh when he fled from Waco back in 47′. He desperately tried to get rid of this trash and that’s when she started threatening him with the Mexican Flu!! In desperate attempts to try to keep someone that was obviously sick from the re-re-re fried beans she finished using her tampons to soak up puke from her yeast infection drink malt shake. She was used like trash ready to get tossed out. Buuut… she didn’t get the point. Until it was exposed.  She’s SCUM! A Total mental case! Ramos it is time to Vamos you fucking hedgehog take a sand grinder to those fucking wolly mammoth teeth tusks.

Crystal in Eagle Lake Texas bites the scabs off of her fathers warty cock and chews on them like bubble gum for hours. Fucking skank bitch. We were so close, talked at least 10 times EVERYDAY about our yeast infections and periods and what guys poo smelt better! She offered to help my husband pick out my mother’s day present, I said yeah call him! We went on a vacation (both families) in july, I knew then there was something going on when my son told me that her breath smelt like his dads cock. Finally in October, 5 days before my 14 wedding anniversary, I found a homebased herpes test from this slore to my husband with a heart around it and chocolates. In The note she is talking about her shitting on a glass coffee table and him sitting below the glass jerking off to the log coming out of her ass slowly. thinking about finally seeing him again the next Friday to go shit on a coffee table in IKEA. B1tch is shady af She lives in Eagle Lake and works at Walgreens where she shits in bags of potato chips so niggers buy them on welfare day. 

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Cheri of Fayetteville Scoops Up Old Peoples Liquid Shit Out of Their Diapers And Eats it With A Big Spoon Like Its Soup

This one Cheri she pretended to be my best friend, came to my house for dinner every night and was sleeping with my husband in my bed while I was at work. Went and got tattoos like mine and tried to pretend my daughter was her kid. Lowest of the low. She leaves her junkie needles all over Fayetteville she is often found at soup kitchends licking homeless junkies cum off the cement floor for more soup. She is disgusting I went to High School with Cheri too and she use to blow everyone the chick is so full of jizz I am amazed her fucking oompa head doesn’t blow up. Cheri rams big fucking glass ketchup bottles up her asshole in cafes with homeless old people too and then steals there social security money to spend on crack for her and my faggot ginger balding horse shoe faggot husband. I have heard too she grabs a spoon and scoops liquid shit out of old peoples diapers and eat it too.

This woman Karyn the cream of wheat bitch crack smoker doesn’t know how to stay out family business and will sleep with your husband. She fucked my husband on a demo model toilet in home depot in front of senior citizens. Watch out for this cheap hooker. She works at fitness center called Lifetime athletic in Raleigh, NC she use to work at a rub and tug joint that these zipperheads owned. Karyn is one of the few white chicks who can shoot the coronavirus out of her pussy like spiderman shoots his web out of his wrist. Karyn was a stripper and she got fired. For what? Stealing. Fucking bitch Karyn really you fucking bitch.

Brown Bag Panty Brandy Makes Crunchy Poop Nuggets in her ginch.

So this slore Brown Bag Panty Brandy, who had a boyfriend decided she needed double dibs and was screwing my husband at lunch. This bitch shits her pants. This is no fucking joke she walks around with crusted shit nuggets that crunch around in her thrift store oversized panties. No doubt my husband was wrong but seriously with the bag lady girl? You needed 2 c0cks a day for your wiener fix. Your stupid fat fucking four eyed husband won’t do? Maybe it is why you look so broke down…have you had that skin condition looked at? Apparently Brandy was know for her BJ’s and her drunkenness at work she takes her dentures out and soaks them in piss and glasses the left over jizz that misses her mouth goes. I’m not mad, he can have that broken down slore. Her panties are literally like crusty cum hardened stench. Sick bitch Brandy. Go back to your step dads trailer dyke.

There is no snow in Raeigh the white shit is one of numerous loads that Joyce gets sprayed with on a daily basis. What a cock whore. This person ruined my marriage. She worked with my husband and while she was engaged, they decided to have an affair which got my new sofa set drenched in her liquid shit and moldy pussy juice crust. I warned her multiple times to stay away, that she was ruining my furniture, to think about my daughter who was 13 at the time and needed a place to fuck her step dad for cigarette money – she didn’t care about any of that. She decided instead to end her engagement with her fiance, continue to go after my husband, and treat me as if I was the crazy one. She had no remorse for what she did. I kept trying to make things work for months with my husband, unaware that they were still having their little fling. She is a disgusting person with no morals or values.

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