Florida 4

Ass Leaks Brown/Yellowy/Greeny Shit With a trace of blood and jizz in it.

Lorrainne has purple herpes scab warts and wrecked my 16 year relationship and 7 year marriage with my cross dressing faggot husband. She met my husband at work at the Department of Veteran Affairs where Lorrainne often fucks old men in wheel chairs to give them hear attacks with her stinky snatch to get their benefit checks. Their “friendship” started when she was transferred from Puerto Rico to Palm, City Florida because she was suicidal when she found out Barrack Obama was president and a manic depressive, and her imbred family had moved here. My husband, who is 13 years my senior(REALLY REALLY OLD SAGGY WRINKLY BALL SACK) and 15 years her senior, took pity on her having himself attempted suicide and being diagnosed as Bipolar. He introduced Lorrainne to his Viagra and Ass Fuck love life now Lorrainne takes so many objects up her rectal orface that she wears a diaper to prevent the shit leakage. It leaks out oozing like a slow dripping tap. But with yellow brownish with a hint of cum in it and blood. Looks hot. Did I mention my husband has REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD SAGGY BALLS. These fucking things are SO OLD AND SAGGY I WANT TO DIP THEM IN WATER IN THE WINTER IN ALASKA AND STICK HIS BALLS TO A LAMP POST.

Rebecca Huenneken

This is Rebecca the fucking bitch stole my McDonalds meal right out of my truck. It was a double quarter pounder with cheese. The only reason my girlfriend didn’t upsmack her across the fucking head is she though she was pregnant with whale eggs. Rebecca cracks the road everywhere she goes its brutal and a driving hazard. Her boyfriend puts her in his tow trailer to take her to the car wash to hose her down each month thats her shower. Rebecca has fucked alot of dudes too which is surprising and not all niggers or blind people. After this party Rebecca goes on to have sex 3 times and another bj with a married man who blasted her fat food box mouth with jizz. Then she went home and spit the jizz on ice cream for her boyfriend. She steals ice cream from walmart. She just walks in and puts a shit load of tubs in a fat scooter and drives home. The front yard of her and her bfs trailer is full of fat carts that say “property of Walmart” and “Petworld” on them all over the place. Just a fucking mess. Hit the gym you pig.

Sucked Ronald Off For Crack And Love

Silvia is a married woman with two sons who are fathered by unknown. She and her husband were best friends with another couple, which included Ronald who is also as useful as a huge jizz rag and a fucking liar. Silvia is a nasty, crusty, stink like dog shit in the sun, bitch of a whore,rude, trouble maker who is still having this affair with Ronald under the nose of her prior best friend. Silvia’s husband found out and has since started smoking crack in the projects with niggers, but Silva is cold-hearted and a terrible mother bringing her boys into the new world of drag queens and faggot love due to the influence of the Obama Administration.. Ronald has herpes and HIV! Silvia is a nasty bitch! Who looks like a hologram on a used maxi pad with the sun glistening on it.

CEO of the home based business DUMP YOUR LOAD IN MY MOUTH

This is Summer and this woman has been cheating on her husband Gaylord Girlie Greg with a man named Big Buff Burly Bill for over a year now. They met each other through a group of people trying to quit heroin addiction. Bill is married to some dude and has been cheating on him for years. His butt buddy was trying to work on their marriage when this cum guzzling wench home wrecker showed up on the scene. She runs around saying she’s a Christian and pretends to be a goody two shoes. Funny thing is, Bill is a KKK Grand Wizard. Two marriages have been ruined by this woman and Bill. She has 2 children that she’s dragged through all of this. He also has 2 kids. She also runs a company called Dump Your Big Load In My Mouth out of her house in Sanford, FL and pretends to be a good person then she has Bill sneaking over to stay the night. They’ve both hurt people and kids and they don’t care! 

Florida 3

Florida 2

Florida 1

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