Tennessee 2

They broke the mold with this sloot an if you give her half a chance she’ll break you too. Nikki goes from Bible thumping to straight drooling wet cock sucking in nothing flat. I have never met a more treacherous woman , she’s NOT your average 2-Timer or 3 or even 4 , but prefers a different lover for each week day Jesus told her in a dream to suck everyones cock Except for Jews and Blacks Jesus hates niggers because they stink and Jews because they lied and killed him.!!! Along with COMPLETE INABILITY to tell the Truth EVER , Nikki is an insatiable pit of man jizz an manipulation ! I’m certain if she had as many schlongs sticking out of her as she’s had stuck in her she would very much resemble a porcupine. Good On you Nikki Jesus and Tennessee Love you.

Gabe Prefers Blue Ball Brand Dildos Over the Elton John Brand

This is Gabe he works at the Lewis County Food Bank he shoves bagels up his bum and serves them in needy family bags He sells pencil shavings as weed to little niglets that attend Elementary School down the street. He wants to be a country music star and jerks off to pictures of Clint Eastwood in his grandmothers under tow of her mobile trailer home. He sniffs glue and drinks cheap beer on welfare day or from his 50 dollar vouchers he gets from the Lewis County Food Bank. I went to school with Gabe and he was a creep he was a loser then and is a loser now with just more years of taking dicks in his ass from random strangers. I remember at a party back in the mid 80’s Gabe was there and he was just getting into the new fad of having bum sex with your friends in the shower. Gabe use to film it and got the nickname tic tack and crust. Crust is due to the poo that gets stuck to his ass hair which other faggots said made their dick bleed after a bare back sesh.

Woooof Who let the nigger dog out? P-uke. Fact. Adrianne of Hendersonville, Tennessee is a nigger who sleeps with married nigger bucks. She actively pursues relationships with men that are taken. Apparently Niggers are allowed to get married in Tennessee. It must be a new thing. I just assumed a few million of them were on break from the cotton fields. I didnt know we gave them fucking rights. WHen the fuck did this happen?

Here we have a piece of trash that likes to get involved with engaged and married men. Married men are her favorites and if they are military is a plus. She enjoys to be called the cum dump slut. Maureen is from Dominican Republic, her mom is a dyke in the US Army They reside in the Peacher’s Mill Aparrment complex at Clarksville TN which is a crack shack for negros with HIV. She likes to party and be involved with any Little wiener spic community that she can find. She is in a relationship with a Hispanic married military man who is a rank above her mother. If you confront her she will denied, but she post his name initials on her Instagram account, that means that her family and friends knows the true. She has a son (his name is L**l) that she uses to be look as a good single mother, but that is all fake because she uses him to have the attention of any guy that she sees as a good provider for her and her son. Specially because she needs the money for her plastic surgeries and her maintenance. She was raised to be a dirty fucking knee cock sucking whore. She is very active on Facebook, Instagram, Pornhub, |Cowsex.com, Twitter and all other social media existing. She will play as a good person but is not. And if any man is reading this, be careful with the HIV that she carries, but if you are looking for a night stand call her, her phone number is{redacted}. Or stop for a visit a her place {redacted} When she walks cum drips down her leg all the time.

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