Oklahoma 2

Kim Works at Blasters which is a slut bar where the women that work there fuck patrons. Kim Looks for men coming into town for work (preferably married with a family at home) Video footage of over-serving alcohol an her ramming bottles of JD up her pussy is what keep men going back to her. Had an affair begged him to leave his wife and child in another state which of course he did because the dudes wife was a useless twit who couldnt service his member well enough. Woman is a fucking rock star and will brainwash. She feels zero remorse and is proud of her actions. This woman is desperate. TRASH.

This is Chelsea shes a cool chick she runs around town and poops on the street. While she does this she wears gloves. She then picks up her poo and thorws her feces at niggers and Mexicans. She says it is like a welcome wagon. A welcome wagon to make them feel and smell like they do at home. She doesn’t want to abuse her white privilege of nice smell. So she dips herself down to the level of a nigger or shit skin to not make them feel uncomfortable. Oh yeah she has a stinky pussy mainly because she can’t afford tampons. Because they cut her hours at Arbys plus lately hookings got hard. always judging other people , she’s always in a relationship she’s scared to be alone , she also been engaged a few times She came out last year as bi sexual and has lesbian pool parties at Lindsay Lohans house ever summer when she gets money for blow.

This bitch is Cheryl she is from Broken Arrow and she married her sweet husband for the money!! She cheats on him because she says the age difference is too big to make the sex good so she goes out and gets a younger bigger cock that can actually stay hard. So her hubbie doesn’t even get sex for taking care of her ass he gets to fuck her pet poodle. Not to mention she has been married 6 times so you can see how she operates. She is a c class stipper so travels all over Oklahoma from dive bar to dive bar sucking cock for crack nuggets. In her job and evidently gives good dictation or maybe just blow jobs but the track marks on her arms shows she is having a good time at least. She’s nasty and will do anything for a buck.

Jen fucked Leonard Nimoy in a Helicopter when they were high on crack in the 90’s and they got trannie hookers.

Muskogee Jen The Face Of Oklahoma Burger Kings… lol girl is a home wrecker who uses a Sonic The Hedgehog dildo to losen her asshole up to drain all the cum in there. She loves to sleep with married or taken men at the bar when she is looking to score crank or meth! She thinks everyone with a boner is hers! Not only did she ruin a marriage, she has now tried to ruin a Burger King franchise with her sneaky farts. She has been farting in the local Burger King ketchup container. You know the ones where you put on your fries next to the soda machines. Yeah that one! She leaves her tampons brewing in it all day while she works her shift. Letting the used tampons soak in the ketchup jar like a good aged fondu. Chuckling as she sees niggers load their fries up with Ketchup on food stamp day. Sad thing is, she takes the ketchup jar home to her crack den later and freezes them to make popsicles that taste like ketchup and she hands them out to sick people at the hospital when she is drunk! 

This ass clown is Charles Of Antlers he was recently arrested while masterbating to his Iphone images in a local shopping mall transgendered bathroom. The cops went in and arrested him after they masterbated with him for a few hours first. This pervert is also accused of standing outside of the girls locker room at a local water park with his swim trunks around his ankles masturbating with his dad cheering him on. Local police are grateful to get this menace off the streets but he is swallowing loads of cum in jail so it is only a matter of time before he gets out. He is an illegal and a homosexual so it is believed Hillary Clinton would and should take him in across the way in Arkansas. After all Charles is a vote against Trump. People who molest children hate Donald Trump. Do you?

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