New York 2

Incest Lesbian Wiener Whore Bag

I have known Kiela all her life, she is a family member who stole my purse for crack money. I took her into my home gave her a job with my husband protected her when my daughter and sister in law wanted to beat her up for stealing there crack I stood up for her and ate her pussy out to keep it in the family. About 3 years ago I started noticing text messages on my husband phone that just didn’t read like cousins or a fatherly figure. Then my husband started deleting all their text messages I was very uncomfortable with this so I put an end to her working and I talked to her and him. She told me it’s not what I think ( famous words) and she loves me that nothing like that would ever happen and my husband is more like an uncle than cousin to her blah, blah, blah. Well I believed her but I still kept my distance. Fast forward to a few months ago. I see text messages again this time all his are deleted but hers are there. They were sneaking and meeting and fucking in a park. They joined a group of animal lovers that goes into the woods and fuck dogs. Fuck you Kiela I hope you fall off of Niagra Falls.

I Caught Rachael with a strap on, in my backyard fucking my dog. She lies through her teeth and blamed the dog about everything. She makes up fake drama because she’s flaming bum herpes and warts. Suits her well considering every dick has been in her. She’s been engaged for 1809 years but messes with mad dudes on the low and strips for free cum blasts in her mouth at bars. Bitch got surgery bc she had an STD for too long. Only person who half likes her is her boyfriend, Corky from Life Goes On, but he don’t know any better because he is mentally retarded. all he does is sit on My Little Pony Fan Sites and masterbate to Pipi Longstocking all day with his extremely large head having ass. Her entire family is filth, full of bullshit crime, liars and cleptos. Her mom is a flat out retard on SSI because she’s lazy like her daughter. Her dad is dead because he probz couldn’t handle his disfunctional ass retard family. Her sister has fucking downs and her brothers are fucking idiots who can’t even function so they just hang in prison. This girl is filth, and is going to swallow lots of loads.

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