Missouri 2

This “oh so delightful” women Cheyenne enjoys shooting up meth with my Mormon husband. Her latest binge with him took the 2 of them to St Louis on my credit card for a weekend at a hooker motel.!!! She weasled her nasty crack little head in and started their affair. What’s the sickest part is they both shoot up and have acne and pimple pock mark sores on their skin!!! When they shoot up they expell the blood mist from the syringes around the room its fucking gross. Then she comments about it and he likes it on Facebook. Sick Fucking pigs, She has absolutely no remorse! 

Stephanie Farted Cum On My Couch and it Stained It.

This woman Stephanie farted cum on my couch. So I put LSD on her birth control. I wanted to give it to her but got fucking bored waiting for her to wake up from her meth binge so I fed it to the cat. She will sleep with your man and lie to you about it. She lied to me and said she had more crack at her house than she did. So instead of pistol whipping her she just blew me and let me fuck her up the ass the whole afternoon.. She is a HOMEWRECKER some of the other trailer hoes in these there woods think and will even neglect her own children to go out and sleep with another woman’s man. Even if its her mom. She even steals from her job at White Castle Burgers to provide viagra for these guys. She has about 6 different taken men on her phone plan… she lied to the company to keep the phone lines on because none of the men want anything to do with her and she doesn’t want to actually pay for the phones. She will try to do everything she can to ruin your relationship!!

Whintey Broke My Winer

Whitney sucks cock in St Joseph its the only good thing about that city. The reason why shes not as dirty as the other whores is she is addicted to scope. She drinks it all day and just reeks of minty fresh breath and vomit. I use to work with her at Sears and fuck her in the back room all the time. Best job to make minimum wage for a maximum load. One day she thought she could stroke my dick off in the ladies bathroom for a few hours. My ego was lifted huge. We have now lived together for 12 years and she used FB Messenger other tran sexual dudes to hook up with Mark (they went to high school together). He fell for her lies and prepared to leave me to live with that faggot in a dress that lives 200 miles away and hasnt seen her or even talked on the phone.  I am wiener broken.

Ariel Single Mother of Jefferson City with HIV. Yep she fucked a nigger. The second you touch one your life is gone. Obituary wrote.

Ariel not only loves to sleep with married men, but can’t take a hint when they don’t really want her. She was cheating on her husband while she was pregnant and then leaves him after the baby is born to “be with” a married man who did not leave his wife’s for her. She follows said man and his family to a new town and after she’s been caught, still doesn’t know when to quit and get her own man. She loves to text Dirty pics and videos. She doesn’t take care of her daughter like she should. She’s just about as bad of a mom as she is at being a woman (that’s a loose name for her). She does not have any respect and no morals. Completely unstable. Works as a waitress at IHOP if you let her suck your cock she will give you extra pancakes. She fantasizes about being gang raped and about incest, thinks about two guys fudgepacking often….a real fucked up individual. So ladies beware if you have a man, especially a nigger which is her taste when picking them because their body odor matches her sewage pussy. She likes to date niggers as they have HIV like her and are too stupid to notice her whoreness. She already fucked a nigger so no other man will touch her now.

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