Real Whores Swallow. Angie Is Trying. Needs more Soy Sauce.

This dirty slut Angie has the coronovirus in her pussy. She still couldn’t keep her hands off of my husband wiener at her brothers wedding. My husband was the best man at her brothers wedding and trust me he said her vagina stunk like a dead snake being shit out by some old chink in a sauna. But she knew he was married because her brother is a fucking rice eater and he was a family friend and he said he wore his ring the entire time he was there. She also continued to pursue him completely disregarding the fact the he had a shitty fat wife and three kids that probably aren’t his at home. While I understand my husband had a responsibility to bang the piss out of this little zipperhead, the fact that she didn’t swallow makes this girl a true whore.

I fucked this bitch in a truck stop bathroom just outside of Bangor, Maine. It was so gross and dirty in there just like her moldy box. There were used shit covered condoms on the tile dirty floor. I didn’t use a condom because AIDS doesn’t affect me as I am not gay or black. This is Erica and for $3.99 or a big mac she can be yours for 15 whole minutes. She claims she doesn’t have herpes but why does it burn there Erica? Why does it burn? Erica likes it when you tickle her hemroid with a bic lighter. She says it feels good and reminds her of jesus. She was getting a divorce from her husband when she really wasn’t she needed the money and none of the dudes that were corn holing her wanted to give her money for abortions anymore. She decided she was going to go sleep around with some of her husbands friends and these dudes at the homeless shelter. And I’m one of a few of them. She is the most fake, lying, human being I have ever met. She has no respect for herself or anyone else. She acts like she’s single and will take full advantage of you. Not to mention she has kids. Don’t let her fool you. Be smart use a fake name.

Krissy went out of her way to sleep with my boyfriend while her man was out to sea. Now she is dating her ex’s best friend. I asked my boyfriend to delete her and she added him back that was when I found out Krissy was rubbing my toothbrush on her vagina when she was using my bathroom. She claimed she was using the shitter to shoot junk up her arm but she was sabotaging me. The sneaky rat bitch always does things like this. She may seem nice and all but you need to watch out. Around town she is banned from walmart for stealing and taking big man dumps in the public toilet and leaving them for kids to see. She also shit on the changing table and then folded it back up and told her friends she hoped a nigger had to use it next. Basically laughing and implying the nigger would confuse her poo for their child.  You know this bitch is pathetic when all she talks about is her exboyfriend Josh non stop 24/7. Josh is big in TV so what big deal. She talks about how good Josh is in the sack all the time too. Josh is below watch out for him also he rolls with some tough mother fuckers in the “Blue Crew” that don’t mess around.

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