Kansas 2

Violently frigs her crusty mud flap clit while she watches me take a manly roast beef solid loaf dump on public shitters.

This sloot Magic Madison is engaged to a fucking clueless loser who worships the ground she walks on. Yet she comes over to my house and sucks my cock everyday. One time I gave her some meth and money and even a gooey load. She went out to the tanning salon and passed out in the booth. The chick working at the tanning salon strapped on a dildo and fucked her while she slept. I only know this because I seen the link to the porn hub video in the bathroom stall at Arby’s where I go to make manly roast beef shits. And jerk off. And yet she sits on other people faces , d1ck doing threesomes just being available to everyone who gives her attention gives lesbians a bad name with how she gets around And a meth head sucks for ice Clits and d1cks she’ll suck & ride all day. My favourite time is when Madison farts in my face and pokes my testicles with a hot curling iron with rusty spikes. Bloody and Fun and Hot.

Tattoo Betty Uses Her Period Juice As Ketchup On Her Tasty Poop Logs

Well in Kansas theres a bitch named Betty Boo. She’s a slut with a whore tattoo. She roams around town eating her poo. She poos on the street and goes into McDonald’s (Where she use to work until she got fired for blowing the manager) to steal plastic silverware to eat her poo. She slices it up and puts ketchup and her period juice on it. So I see a weird number in my husband’s phone, called it and it was this monistat mouth HOMEWRECKER, Betty Poo Eater. Asked her who she was and she said she didn’t know my husband, sounded believable so I gave her the benefit of the doubt but ended the phone call telling her IF there was something more to it that she needs to keep in mind he is married with 3 kids. Found out 3 months later they had been sleeping together and eating frozen poo cake logs the whole time and she knew about me and laughed as she used my husbands jizz as mouth wash like scope. I found messages in his phone of her talking bad about me and how rotten my yeast infection stained granny panties stink, asking him to divorce me and that she would help him take my kids and move somewhere new. When I confronted her the second time she laughed and thought it was funny and told me she knew about me the whole time and didn’t care. I hope one of those AIDS infected niggers she makes fun of rapes her while she is jogging.

This is Amber from Leavenworth, Kansas. Amer is banned from most grocery stores for going into the produce department and farting and or rubbing produce on her privates and putting it back for customers. So a little background story, my boyfriend (who just got out of jail for allegedly having sex with a goat) and I have been together for 7 years and have a 4.5 year old son, from one of his friends I was fucking behind his back. This girl knows he’s taken and still sends him nudes and sexts with him. Multiple friends that I smoke crack with of mine have told her to leave him alone but she claims they’re “just friends”. Does a friend send a taken member of the opposite sex naked selfies? She has no respect for anyone or anything. Simply low class and disgusting.

This girl Jessica has been going around Olathe sleeping with any man she can, and its fucking awersome! She has no problem sleeping with married men, and apparently has no regard for her 3 children since she brings multiple men around them. She works at a local grocery store and a local sandwich shop, where she steals out of the till. She has no problems tearing another family apart for her own selfish gain of cock. She should stop and think about how all of this is going to effect her vaginal tightness and any thought of the men going to get tighter younger pussies in the future with less wear and tear mileage on them. Hopefully those poor mudflaps can endure until her basterdized kids move out.

Kansas 1

The Witchita “Why Niggers Shouldn’t Live Around White People” Murders

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