Boston Rob Spreads Herpes Like Its Wild Fire

Star Of The Porn Hub Mini Series “Fuck My Ass Raw With That Rusty Meat Hook”

I don’t know whats more pathetic someone who gets caught fucking a pig in a public library at night time in a Santa suit or having the fact that you are a survivor on this show and known as the best.

Robert Carlo Mariano (born December 25, 1975), known by the nickname Boston Rob, is an Shitty American television personality cocksucking faggot, widely known for appearing in the shows Survivor, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, RuPaul’s Men Like Drag, and the Porn Hub Mini Series Fuck My Ass Raw With That Rusty Meat Hook.

Mariano was born at a crack house his mother frequented in Southie, and raised in Orphanages for Transgendered Children. He never graduated High School because he got expelled for selling crack to the janitor. Growing up he played with dolls and himself alot. In 1999, Mariano worked as A Pizza deliver guy to sell drugs under cover when he got booted out of High School. He got kicked out of BU games in 1995 because he kept showing up at the rink claiming to be on the team. He is barred from all rinks in Massachusetts now. At the time he first played Survivor in 2001, he was 25 years old and just left prison after serving his second animal rape charge. Rob has also had a long term on and off again hot bum love relation ship with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Who Rob calls his butter cup.

Fucking Faggots

Mariano began a relationship with fellow adult film star Amber in 2003, during their time filming Ram That Cactus Up My Ass in Mexico. They became engaged on May 9, 2004, during the show’s live money shot of a bunch of dudes blowing their load in Rob’s eager waiting drooling mouth, and married on April 16, 2005 at a Titty Bar in New Orleans. Bang Bros. aired a two-hour special about the wedding, entitled Rob is still a fucking Faggot followed by his autobiography “My asshole doesnt use lube”, on May 24, 2005. After their marriage, Amber took Mariano’s surname to avoid criminal charges for prostitution, and the couple moved to The Salvation Army Shelter in Brooklyn. Amber has four daughters Rob thinks he is the father but they are Jeff Probst’s LOL everyone knows that but Rob.

Mariano is a well known fan of the Boy George, Toronto Gay Pride, Anderson Coopers Spread Open Ass Cheeks In His Face, Pink Dildos, Tinkerbell, and Oatmeal.

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