Lara Meth Addicted Bible Whore

This is my husband’s mistress, Lara from Carson City. She is in her 40’s and has a 10-year-old son, born out of wedlock because she had an affair — with a Catholic priest. (Yes, you read that right!)Who was rumored to be a relative). She only moved to US and A, so she could get a real man in 2014 and is originally from a town Philippines. Ever since I’ve met her, I would notice her flirtatious ways with my husband, but I brushed it off, giving her the benefit of the doubt. However, the day she moved to here she proved to be the biggest challenge to my marriage. I opened my legs to her, assisted her when she was a newcomer to this country, and trusted her with the sharing of strangers cock in Scott Park at night so we can score meth. My husband eventually kicked me out as he said Lara is a better lay. I live in a huggies diaper box beside the CVS now.

Would eat peanuts out of Bob Saget.s Poop to get one of her videos making fun of niggers On Americas Funniest Home Movies.

This poor excuse for a person Nina broke up my family. She knew full well he had a fat pig of a wife and child that could be his or one of his brothers or friends or anyones at home. She didn’t care. She slept with my man for over a month before I found out. I had no choice but to leave. Since then she has stalked my Facebook, liked photos of me just to rub it in. She posts photos of my man with her bastard girls acting like they are a family. I’m sorry honey but he is going to do you like he did me. If she thinks she’s “special” she’s not. I am 20 times the size of a woman she is in every way and if he cheated on me with this fugly trash he will surely cheat on her. Nina also goes to Walmart on the weekends buys watermelons. Leaves them on the highway to get niggers to go and hopes they get hit by cars or if not she throws rocks at them. She will buy bananas and walk up to random black people on the street and make monkey actions and sounds at them. All while rubbing a banana in their face. And films it and sends it to Bob Saget at America’s Home Movies.

Bar NONE Best Cock Sucker in The State Of Nevada.

This woman Kara slept with my friends husband of 13 years KNOWING he had a wife and little girl at home. Her response when people told her… “I don’t give a FUCK. Someone has to fuck him she is a pig” This nasty clown thinks she is Gods gift to everything just because she has slept with everybody twice over and they have all dropped huge loads all over her and she loved it… She is the best at giving blow jobs in the whole state of Nevada, No one even comes fucking close. Nothing more. She has cheated on my friends husband multiple times (but he has been trying to get back with his wife behind her back). She will do everything possible to look like a “Cum Swapping Slut” but all she is is a good person, too much cock is waiting for her mouth and she should be wearing a bib to keep the jizz for later, cum junkie, never a waste of a throbbing erection.

Chuck Norris Fucked This Chick On A Roller Coaster In The Winter

Kamille is a 20 year old originally from Spanish Springs. She likes to make everyone think she’s a good person, but oh there’s some of us who know the truth. She is a homewrecker who is damn proud of her selfish ways. She slept with her boss’s son, in late 2017, many times, knowing well he was married, seeing his wife and kids at the office. She even posts about it on social media, of course the ones her parents don’t follow. She’ll even post about how terrible and trashy cheating is (see photos), the hypocrite. She “fell in lust”, immaturely thinking no one would know what really happened. Well, I’m here to change that. Ya see, Kamille, there’s a LOT of us who know the real you. The sh*tty person you are. This is The Biggest Little City, after all, and your secret is slowly leaking out. You’re a con artist, and karma WILL get you. We’re all hoping your future husband cheats on you, but not that there’s children involved, because we’re not awful like you. Have a good, life, ya cheap trick… cuz this mistake is not one that’s going to just go away.

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