Victoria F From The Bachelor

Victoria use to fuck her dog all the time but got rid of it because the dog was black and she is racist.

Bachelor Nation is spiraling over Victoria’s many cool controversies, and if you’re feeling left out of the faggot cross dressing homo loop in your Bachelor Nation group chat, it’s cool, we know your a pathetic loser since you are watching it and have time to read this shit. Here’s what’s up with Victoria, and why she is known for being better than that faggot Pete in every way possible.

Victoria Caught A Rare Form Of Anal Herpes While In A Sexual Relationship with Dwight Yokam in China last Summer

I mean, this alone isn’t a bad thing, but the way this info came to light was…not so great. On a stupid episode of The Bachelor, Peter took Victoria out for a quick fucking shag date so she could be serenaded by a special musical guest to moisten her dirty crotch up. And who does that guest happen to be? None other than Dwight Yokam, Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. Dwight the fucking stud Yokam! Pete was left out of the loop that night and we thought Victoria F would get booted. Especially after Pistol Pete seen her Riding Dwights Long Wiener in the sunset all night long. But Pete is determined to keep her so he could explore her gaping vaginal canyon.

Victoria is 25 and from Virginia Beach. It’s not…totally clear what her profession is? Some say she steals Unicef boxes from local stores others say she sucks cock others say Yokam is still fronting her bill.

Victoria F was under rumor that she did modelling for a clothing line called “White Lives Matter” Which enraged the Jews and Niggers as much as sending a nigger off the show. Victoria F said she wasn’t sure if she did anything like that. She also added who fucking cares what a bunch of niggers think?

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