Senegal 2

Well we fucked this country up before our 7th Birthdays. Lets move to France and Fuck That place up. I heard they pay you to live there if you are black and Rape is legal.

Senegal is one of the world’s poorest nigger lands. In 2019 it ranked 162nd out of 188 nigger inhabited regions on the United Nations Development Programme’s Ape Development Index.

In 2020 Senegal currently has approximately 15.13 million groids. The population is young with an estimated 62% of Senegalese under the age of 25. Senegal is populated by niggers with virtually no white influence. The Are fucked in other words. May as well just grab some popcorn sit back and watch.

Not everyone has access to a toilet, and probably would not know how to use it if they even say it, especially among women and girls who still think the get pregnant by dancing to nigger music. Environmental degradation is hindering development in some regions, where the niggers pollute the hell out of the land. Yet That little bitch Greta is too scared to go there and tell them they need to stop. Below are a couple major issues Senegal is facing

  • accelerating wild life (apes, snakes, birds, hippos, ect) fleeing due to nigger violence. Which proves the animals do not want to live around niggers why should people in first world countries.
  • Poopification. Not only are the female niggers giving birth naturally to niglets but their human waste is no becoming aware of its surroundings and moving.
  • disappearance of vegetation: Niggers did not realize that if you do not water crops and plants they die. It is not that the plant is racist. It just needs water which the nigger used to moisten its old ladies vaginal crust.

Drought in the Sahel is exposing Senegal to recurring food and nutrition crises. Even the evil rain which refused to meet and talk with Jesse Jackson is racist and is not raining to water the niggers crops because the clouds hate black people and have ties to white supremacy because they are white.

Senegal 1

The Gambia

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