Quebec 4

Becky from Victorialville loves her anal beards she braids anal beards for fun and pay. Everyone gets their anal hair braided by becky. Anal beard Becky is a fucking whore bag skank she just can’t keep her legs shut’ even after having a child a few months ago she still out there doing drugs and Riding any shaft she can.i feel so bad 4 her kid born into a family of crack heads and anal beard freaks. Like the circus folk and John Legend they do anal beards at Bill Cosby and Celien Dions house the anal beard brigade is in full effect. Becky use to have an anal braid bead booth in the mall. She got shut down as when she opened her legs the wiff and stench of her foul fucking pussy cleared out the food court. Yet this anal beard skanks can still find the odd nigger, faggot, or shit skin paki who will take a stab at the anal beard queen. Oh Yeah I forgot on the weekends she likes her customers who get their anal beards trimmed by her to let POO PELLETS build up in the ass hairs as Becky likes to yank out the hardened crusted poo chunks in the anal beard and chew on them like gummie bears.

Bought a Gun Because She Defends Toronto Maple Leafs in Montreal Expo Territory.

Brandy has literally been obsessed with watching me fuck my pet dog that I don’t even understand because she’s was in another relationship with Celine Dion AND told me to keep fucking my dog raw and hard because she finally got rid of her birth control. Stole used bloody tampax from the nursing home she worked at. And put it in her cup of tea for the french people and their toast and fries but then when she found out things were getting serious she got so crazy high on meth and bought herself a gun. Bill Barilko seen this on a hockey card too. And to the point she started plotting with my ex to vote people away on the hit TV show survivor. Recently Brandy and I have started to take things slow like buying used condoms off of homeless people at soup kitchens and making each other mixed cassette tapes of sounds of fondling barn animals testicles in the dark.She often sleeps naked in a hammock with an umbrella in her pussy while she listens to Garth Brooks. Watch her though she steals drugs from dealers and pharmacies to get high and go harass elementary school kids while they are in class.

Tabitha Has Quick Fuck sessions in her moms car outside her job at Arby’s on her lunch break with a 65 year old married horseshoe bald four eyed fat fuck.

Tabitha likes to sleep with old married bald small dicked men with 2 adult gay sons in her mothers car on her lunch break in the parking lot across the street from her work. She works at Arby’s and stinks like the roast beef sandwiches that she makes. She use to work at McDonald’s until she got fired from there for stealing, having sex with her female boss ON THE JOB IN THE COOLER, and coming so blitzed out on Meth every fucking day. Tabitha cakes on so much crust make up layers it is hard to tell what is underneath there. I am not just saying this because she blew my dad and my brothers. She may of been born a man. She is layered in fake shit its a mask. And her farts and sweat do not smell all that feminine.

Quebec 3


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