Michigan 3

Aubrey chases niggers down the street with chainsaws. Plus she packs swastika throwing stars. Aubrey is founder of “Get the niggers out of Michigan” A Christian based foundation which is funding blacks to go back to Africa carrying a Jew as luggage. The plane will be equipped with a nigger pilot, nigger mechanics, on a plane built by niggers for niggers So you know it will get there safely in one piece. FUBU will also be spray painted on the side along with motherfucker. She is a full blown director and will validate parking if you are white. She cannot hold a fart in after she eats breakfast so she eats in establishments where only niggers go like waffle houses. She will tell you anything you need to hear to keep you around and use you for her own needs, which is white supremacy. She love’s married men as well. She coaxes them in and gets them ready to leave there wife’s for a new life then leaves when shit blows up. She will play you for everything she can.

Is disgusted by the Arab men that are her ancestors Disgustingly sickened by them she claims.

Rania is deeply connected within the Arab community of Dearborn. Her friends on her social media are mostly Arab men who whack off to women they will never have. Which is strange of countries where they watch the most porn none can make it in a porno as a male. Not a single Arab man. Why? The majority of which are wealthy married men that are old stinky terrorists. She is looking for a man to take care of her financially but a man to fuck who isn’t a small dick stinky Arab outside of it. She wants the both of best worlds. Haidar, her ex cabbie husband physical beat the shit out of her when he found out she wouldnt sleep with Arab men because they stunk and are so repulsively fucking gross. She has made such outlandish claims that she is deeply connected within ISIS, and that is why she cannot be seen with Arabs except for money. Truth is she is grossed out by the way they look, their stupid culture, and how bad they fucking stink. Haidar, remarried in June to a child bride who is 10 from the UK but that is their culture and we must accept that.

Katie is a complete nympho speed freak hoover vacuum on maximum overdrive cock sucking whore. She will screw anyone with a dick regardless if they are married, engaged or in a relationship. She is a waitress and will try to hook up with any man she meets. She leaves her child with Casey Anthony or her cousins one of them. I was sitting at the bar with my Uncle Buck and she started flirting with him. She just laughs and says “I want to get gang fucked in the parking lot while people throw beer cans and sing.” We took a number I left and I haven’t seen Uncle Buck since then.

Uses Tampon Strings As Dental Floss

This girl is 19 her name is Cassie she has nice jugs . Lives in Alpena Michigan and works at the Thrift store. She blows all the customers there and even the homeless dudes outside. She fucked my husband too when he was smoking crack in the park with his friends. My husband is a bottle picker and has problem with public masterbation…. we live under the freeway bridge and he is from Mexico. And he went there to pimp his sister out to old men he met this girl thru a mutual drug dealer… This lil girl was so close to his friends at the soup kitchen they jerk off to pictures of her bum cheeks spread open after she took a gross dump. She doesn’t believe in condoms either. Her motto is if she cant get it at the thrift store she doesn’t want it and old food wrappers cause rashes she says. She will Make it big one day as Cassie is trying to re use her use with her new second job at the recycling plant to recycle tampons into food to feed the homeless and niggers in their loser countries.

That sad look is a front. She is upset as she shit all over my Scooby Doo Bed Spread.

Kyleigh I don’t hate you because you pooped in the bed I hate you because your diareah splatter shit stained my scooby doo sheets. My mom bought me those at Walmart you bitch. The whole time we were together Kyleigh had been cheating on me crusting up other dudes super hero bed sheets with her shitting and perioding all over the place. The girls vagina is like a period fire hydrant hose. Always fucking Perioding. She constantly lied about everything and even her closest friends agreed about it and also said she could period better than any bitch in Lansing. She leads numerous people on for months and then drops them without a saying a word, then cries hysterically when they knock on her door asking where their fucking Maxi Pads are. She cheated on me while I was sleeping in her bed, She sucked her grandfathers sagging wrinkly nut sack beside me. Some of his ball sweat actually splattered on me. She also claims to ‘see things’ and acts psychotic when she doesn’t get her own way. In my opinion this girl needs psychological help. And some Tampax Pearls. Kyleigh all I want is for you to buy me new sheets. Is it that much to ask. Bitch.

This Bitch Alicia Cause Me To Eat Horse Shit With Niggers In Detroit.

Bitch Just because you left your tampons on the counter at the liquor store that doesn’t make it my fault. To begin my ex-husband and I had four children together(one might of been his brothers but he doesn’t need to know) and had a regular babysitter whom watched the kids while we were shooting meth and at other times as well. When Alicia started babysitting for us she was 15 years old and babysat for us on a regular basis for about 4 years. Then we separated for a little while as our marriage wasn’t going well and I assume during that time was when her relationship with my then husband got hardore young slut getting hardcore ass fucked sexual. He admitted to having sex with her on a regular basis and that her pussy was tighter and fresher smelling than my old sagging muff at this point. She was 19 years old Since I found out I have moved on past this bitch Alicia and started eating horse shit with Somalian Immigrants in Detroit’s Lower East Side. I sold my kids for crack and am sleeping with a nigger in a cardboard box.

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