Louisiana 2

Mary Ann’s Asshole And Vagina are about to get sealed shut with cement if she doesn’t watch it.

Mary Ann is the product of when a horse fucks a flamingo. She was hatched from a horse egg and eats hay with her mouth. Again her name is Mary Ann from Baton Rouge she is a dirty whore cock sucking slooge. She’ll get their phone numbers off of office memo’s and “accidentally” sends naked pics of herself to it. Man eating, gold digging, pretty sure STD laden whore who spreads her legs easier than soft whipped margarine. Ladies beware. If she fucking goes near my husband again I am going to go to Redi-Cement grab a cement truck and seal her asshole and vagina shut with cement. And bill her fucking pill popping faggot raver husband. The faggot has pink hair and a pad lock in his fucking nostrils. A waste of cum his mother should of swallowed like Mary Ann soon to be Cement Asshole.

Brandie Saw The Sign And Is Happier With The Dildo in her Ass Rather than her used up stinky muff box.

Brandie here don’t care if your man is taken or not she’s a nasty, vile whore who strangled a dog with a garden hose. Was hooking up with a man then split to fuck his brother, saying she got mental issues due to use of meth, found out he got married and starts back after him like he’s single because she is a filthy cum guzzling whore. Now she ain’t gunna quit until she gets a gooey load the fucking ugly barn yard skank. She’s got kids and still don’t care, fine example her oldest daughter just turned 18 and suks dick by the Superdome in New Orleans for crack money. The sad part is, she is fine being a home wrecking sidechick due to the fact she keeps getting fired from burger king for stealing money from the till. So guard ya men, check their lunchboxes for herpes cream because she is constantly texting selfie videos of herself ramming certain objects up her ass or her dogs ass. Her fave to send is when she puts Nutella on her mold muff and gets her dog to lick it off while she signs “I saw the sign” by Ace Of Base to this married dude. Loser whore.

May Possibly Lay Nigger Eggs.

This fat fucking cow Sytania could of raped me in Lake Charles she broke the brick wall of my hotel room just like the Kool-Aid guy. She came in with a bucket of chicken and said she was hungry for cock. I shit the bed in fear, poo was all over white sheets, She proceeded to try to grope me then she squashed me like a bug. I broke my arms my ribs were cracked I could barely fucking breath. She broke fucking floor boards the fucking pavement outside. This fucking land whale is huge you can hear her coming from a mile a way. After I win a law suit against her after she wins her law suit against McDonalds for making her so fucking fat. I will be rolling, literally rolling I may never walk again it will be in a wheelchair. I pray no one breeds with Sytania because if she lays some eggs we are fucked. It is sad to say a nigger would probably willingly fuck her so we will be screwed with fat little half bred niglets who will destroy like AIDS.

Larry Stole That Suit Off A Dead White Homeless Guy Who Drowned in His Own Vomit in 1992. Larry Still Hasn’t Cleaned Some Of It Off.

Larry from Bourg, Louisiana and his family rape the local goats together. They roam the mean streets and ass rape goats. He is the fucking Worst nigger to fucking clean the shit from my toilets ever! He is a con artist who brings a doggy bag to keep my families shit to eat. He has destroyed several nice white non-jew owned homes from his natural nigger odor oozing out his pores and onto the walls. He’s aligned with a crack slinging pimp named T-Dogg that recommends him and they both con you together. He claims to be reputable but he has no clue what he’s doing plus hes a fucking a nigger what was I thinking. He hires other niggers from jail or crack dens. He has niggers spray paint his name around town on white peoples shit. Beware because he will take your feces and leave your home a mess and then sue you with Voodoo Rodney King Hex Curse. Beware of Larry hes a fucking nigger.

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