Nigeria 2

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Bunking with another Nigger Sows Buck

Why do niggers act so surprise when their other cheats. I have never ever met a nigger (all jokes a side here) That has ever been faithful to a spouse. Not one. Not a single one and I have met hundreds. I know nigger cops, teacher, all aa jobs but still they all fucking cheat lol. “”While I was out of town, this bed-hopping HOMEWRECKER Abiola Mohammed Stinkynigger found her way into my home and unto my bed (which by the way has our wedding picture right next to it) with my two-faced, sneaky husband and practically played house the whole time. She is a greedy woman who preys on sexually indiscriminate married men such as my husband, to fund her lifestyle and care for her child. Considers her body her only means of survival in life… “”

Who gave these niggers all this wood? Who expects them to figure out what to do with it? The niggers are like wow we have weapons to fight white people with now.

Why the fuck isn’t the wood making itself into a house like it does for the white man. I think the white man gave us racist wood. The wood just stays there and doesn’t become nice house.

It would be the biggest event to watch live or on PPV if the Silverback Gorilla they stole that fruit from came down and went ape shit on the niggers.

White people are stupid they build their dumps too far outside the city. Niggers are educated and innovative and build them in the city center.

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