Manitoba 2

If you want to see someone who will sleep with any man look no further. This sloot will do any guy taken or not. She is currently dating a married man who refuses to get divorced….. talk about nasty. Maybe that’s why her husband left her with two ugly a55 boys she cant even take care of.. Yeah This is Karli Tampon stealer. Goes to walmart to steal the tampons and poise pads rams up her asshole poos in aisles Yeah Karli. Yeast infection cream eating dog fucker has aids that she got from her step dad in winnipeg last month then got it from her cousin uncle at the Lorette Bar. Yeah Karli Tampon string and dental floss bitch.

This bitch here be Clara Foo she ratted all you chugs out. This little girl thinks she’s so slik running her mouth shes laughing at the loser native gangs now.. She got a big cash reward. Even though you stupid natives sell crap drugs the feds will plant more real ones on ya. Its cheaper to have your native asses in jail than have you committing crime and getting luxury rez cheques the rest of your lives. Clara lies back at running her rat mouth…She is hiding out from all you want to be native gangsters you will never find her. (coughs 234 B Keewatin Ave the Pas, MB) Don’t worry Clara I kept your secret. Can I now borrow 20 bucks for lysol. What goes around comes around, 10 fold and remember that.

Windex Warrior

When I’m in Thompson I make a phone call and then I go and pick up Sharmane. We go to the Shell and steal some lysol then to the park to huff the fucking can. We also huff listorine and windex we huff anthing that kills our brain cells dead. Then were drunk and we get horny we head on over to DOUGS world sports. We go inside all drunk on lysol as we shop we sniff GASOLINE. We grab baseball bats and she rams in her muff then we play 9 innings of T Ball. We always get arrested in Thompson. She has a game in the cell that she plays. For how ever long she is in the holding tank she shits and pisses her self like there is no tommorow. It is hilarious the cops are so grossed out by it that eventually they will just stop arresting her. Fumigation in Thompson ain’t cheap.

His Fat Ass Cheeks Are Covered In Tattoos Of The Names Of Men Who Have Anal Penetrated Junior.

This fat fucker his name is Junior he bum rapes squirels and monkeys at the zoo.  His nickname is GOOF and make sure to remind him of that when you see his fucking faggot ass.. He thinks he runs MBF (Manitoba BumLove Faggots) but they all a bunch of poser condom wearing homos. All junior does is fuck his sister, rape his band chief’s dog, and eat out his grandmother’s stinky vagina with a fork and he adds mustard and mayo too it. This fat piece of sh1t will fuk anything, including his dead cats. Juniors issues all started due to his insecurity of growing up with such a small penis. . Him and his “gang” are actually a bunch of gay native rights activists that are all good for nothing and wouldn’t cut it in any other gay club in Winnipeg or A real Reservation. Junior makes sure he listens carefully to his cassette lyrics of NWA to go and tell other little chugs on the rez that is what he does. Junior your boyfriends miss you in their train. Just come out and come home and come in all our faggot mouths again and we will jizz in yours as if we need to ask. You are as the Elder Natives gave the name to Manwhohasbumlovewithothermansbum

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