France 4

Mocks Allah and the Koran when You fuck her from behind in the hotel room her Muslim Husband paid for.

Radjaa is a fucking Muslim who is from Iraq but lives in France to live among white people because they are better. She is a supposedly a faithful young girl, religious, but she cheats on her husband and fucks everyone who is not Muslim. She is so grossed out by men that stink like her ass after shit. She is also grossed out that every Muslim man will rape animals, beat women and children, and follow a pedophile in Allah. She admits the only good thing about Islam is that it understands the filthy Jew. She also stated if she wanted to learn about rats and scum she would of been a bug scientist not a towel headed stinky ho married to a guy who drives a cab and fucks baby camels. She searches for dudes to fuck her in a hotel and she will front the bill. Well its usually her husband paying so she can get fucked by normal men. She is a nymphomaniac and loves it since she quit hanging out with Muslims. She has lived a good live off the white mans dime but has repaid the French people over so much with her great cock sucking abilities. So her hypocrisy about religion is disgusting especially when she lectures others. She lives in Bordeaux but has been known to travel as far as Russia for cock that isn’t her husbands.

Steals from White Governments

Louison is a crook and illegal nigger hiding out in Nantes, he has been cheating on his wife for years as she sits back in her hut in The Congo he made out of cow shit for her and his 12 stick niglets. He told the French he was fleeing war and bailed on his family with the money and spent it all on fat hookers, malt liquor, and crack/cocaine. He has been going online at the library looking for underage white girls to have regular sex with or just flat out rape. He lies to immigration saying he is here to better himself, but like all African immigrants he is just using the free system because he is too stupid and lazy to do it with out white people. When Louison gets comfortable, he starts to bring in other niggers to steal more white people money for him. If the French suspect something or he gets caught, he will get a lowlife JEW lawyer (Paid for by the white tax paying legal citizen) and scream racism and keep doing it. Is this the type of people you want in your country France? Just due to this nigger ship them all back. He ruined it for the whole bunch, the niggers can try to come back to white people lands in another 500 years.

This is Nalushi she is a stinky pakis who snuck into France to live illegally off the White French People’s money along with her husband her 9 children and his 11 other wives who also live off the French mans dime. She has cheated on 7-11 mogul husband with men who don’t have sex with goats. When her stinky husband found out he beat her ass senseless and then went and raped a bunch of young french white girls. Since it is their religion to rape and beat women the French people allowed it and encouraged more Muslims and niggers to move to their country to rape children and live off of their free money. The have a bill now called The Nalushi project which is committed to bringing lots of sand niggers to French soil so Jews have funny shit to watch on TV when they rape pigs at Temple on Friday nights on the Talmud.

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