Romania 2

Her New Banned Movie “I Splatter Diareah Shit In Books At The Library And Put Them Back For Readers To See” Has hit #1 on the Porno Charts.

Romanian Ruth she is a fucking homewrecker goes by the screen name Ms Anal Beedz She is Playing many mind games including being “homeless” and “abused”. She weasled her way into the minds, hearts, and home of an pornographic film executives sometimes hook nose kike Jews from Israel. The Jews thought her cocksucking skills could make them money and exploit her country. She is stupid and fell for it starring in 1000’s of featured hard core gang bang pornographic films. She found out that eating her meals with dildos as utensils instead of forks and knives saved time and money on un needed spices. Romanian Ruth literally now runs with the Jews financial backing the tourist industry in Romania. Until next month when her vagina starts to sag and the make up no longer hides her ratchet meth scabs on her face and pussy. It is still unknown if the Jews will pay for treatment for Romanian Ruth’s Drug and diseases they gave her. Or if the Jew will just do what they do to the rest of society once they get a shekle out of them and huck them away. Much like they do with the Opiate Crisis the world faces today. Sadly Romanian Ruth may be just one of those disposable flavors of the week the Jews toss. Don’t miss her while you still have the chance.

Last year I discovered that my husband was having an expensive online affair with Sonia in Romania. She looks like a fucking troll and stinks like moldy fish. Since his job allows him to work from anywhere via the Internet, I also discovered his plans to move to Romania, marry her and start fudgepacking her faggot brother. She is often seen doing anything so her and her brother can get sex from people with money. Romanians have one thing going for them that they are white that is about all. This girl is famous throughout the country to all Romanians as she is only the second Romania woman to ever use a toilet bowl. It was to abort a gypsy fetus from rape but still a huge Accomplishment for Sonia and Romanian Women.

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