Washington 2

This Korean woman Hyeung keeps bugging me for fucking child support. She has been quite the little cock slut chasing rich business men. She targets men in their mid 30s who have a high career profile. Especially caucasian men. Anyway I lied to her and told her I was rich and blah blah blauh lie, lie, lie. Anyway I nailed her, then bailed (with her purse) then it took her a long time to track me down. I gave her a fake name at the time. I am a homeless recovering crack addict (In rehab now). This nasty snake worked at Bank of America and she doesn’t belong in the country anyway. I have no money she isn’t getting shit from me and never will. She was a student from Bellevue College on one of them rice picker scholarships. Beware of this woman if she’s in your around easy lay but dumb as hell. I smelt like garbage and had flies swarming around me and still fucked her. She has no standards. Shameless and atrocious!

Meaghan Didn’t Choose The Tran Life. The Tran Life Chose Meaghan

This girl, Meaghan, is a classic confused transgendered lesbian home wrecker who dresses like a 12 year old boy. My hubby and I have been struggling to fix our relationship for some time because his little dick is impotent. During a time we were talking about robbing a crack house in some nigger neighborhood in Seattle, several years ago. He, unbeknownst to me, had started slinging meth with the Mexican Nazi Gang. That is where he met Meaghan although not Mexican herself, she worked at Taco Bell and got raped by a spic named Pedro and a few other beaners. She, however was the only one to have sex with her dad in my home as my husband jerked off with tweezers and watched. I came home from picking our sick son up from Casey Anthony’s house. He was supposed to be doing the dishes since he got fired for stealing at Walmart. He claims to have no idea why he wasted time married to me. Several months later. My husband was at a friend’s house drinking… I had a bad feeling so I fucked his brother and filmed it and put it on some website. Anyway stay on the alert for Meaghan in Bellingham.

This is Kristin from Spokane chick has been photoshopping herself for the last 10 years. Literally every photo of hers is photoshopped. She begs for attention on instagram and Facebook. She thinks she’s a great singer sh is over 40 (No she really is lol). She’s delusional and living off tax paying dollars. Her job is taking pictures of herself and photoshopping it to the point where it doesn’t even look like her. It’s crazy. She gives women a bad name. Men. Be careful. What you see is definitely not what you’ll get. I met her and she didn’t look like that. So what I did when I had to have sex with her not corked out of my tree because trust me she is a pig. I take a photo like that one I have that she fakes. I keep it and I staple it to her face when I fuck her so I don’t have to look at her real face. It works fucking wonders I can keep my erection.

Cheryl President of the Ellensburgh Jewish Lesbian Dog Rapist Association

This old woman Cheryl from Ellensburgh, Washington is head of the Fat Jewish Lesbian Dog Rapist Association stalks and harass people that don’t agree with her on social media. Let alone give her time and day to debate with her. The Shrek lard craves attention so bad that she would go so far to even create a fake page aka “Chip Lynn” with a photo of a large pink elephant and some butchy sexy buff women! Since she has a history of mental illness/being a jew/ harassing psycho behavior. To insane degrees. She will try to track down anyone to terrorize by using fake accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails just like CNN and the Jewish Lying media. She needs to be back in the mental institution or better yet, Africa or Israel! I seen her digging through garbages in Ellensburgh and sucking jizz out of used shit covered condoms. The woman is a typical fat Kike Dyke.

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