Quebec 3

Loves Oprah Winfey’s Bum Cheeks A-Floppi’N in her face while she takes a big manly stinky mucus green colored shit.

This is Cassandra from Gaspe, Quebec she is happy as she dreams of Oprah Winfey’s bum cheeks flapping. And she goes another day picking up guys talking about the fart gusts in certain seasons that makes Oprah Winfrey’s Bum Cheeks A-Floppi’N and breaking her hard crusted feces in two pieces of equally bad stench. My friend said she was sleeping with three guys at the same time long hairy wieners with saggy ball sacks and going off about how she wanted the guys to talk about Oprah Winfey’s Bum Cheeks A-Floppi’N while they drenched her in jizz. And she lies all the times and steals VHS tapes of tampon commercials to plus if you text her she well come right over if i were you i would not give her the time of day. Unless all you want to listen to is Oprah Winfey’s Fat Stinky Nigger Ass. Cassandra get help now. Please.

This here is Leah and I gave her herpes. You know the flaming burning itching kind that wont go away. She walks all rigid from objects in her ass she sucks dick behind the fountains at the grocery store. Since I gave her herpes I only fuck her twice a week we use the herpes cream for lube for hardcore anal sex. Once were finished we itch our herpes together popping and picking each others warty scabs. We eat them alot and fry them in butter sometimes anal sweat from her hairy shit logs Leah is working she makes a mean buritto she works for Jose down at Taco and Fun. So call Leah in Shawinigan if you don’t have her number check the safe injection site.

Abuses Animals and Walmart’s Item Return Policy

This is Sandy a lying thieving speed head drunk . Lazy thief who will take your money and not pay rent with it . She is 39 years old and a scumbag . stay away from her she puts the Cow in Cowansville. One time she took money from my friend who rented off her so she could buy corn on the cob. She grabbed the cobs and got caught ass fucking herself in the walmart washroom with some Paki named Abdul. Abdul was wearing a diaper because his asshole hung so loose as he rammed 4 litre milk jugs up his fucking ass. When the cops arrested her on her cell phone (which she stole from some nigger bitches purse at Wendy’s) had animal porn on it. There were hundreds of videos of her and Abdul ramming all sorts of items bought at walmart up these animals rectums. Worst thing is they would then return the items and then grab other items and repeat the madness. Sandy belongs in the slammer.

Danielle is worshiping Satan and Hitler with 2 large wieners in each hand on her knees in the Cemeteries in Quebec with a leprachaun named Frank(Who films it for sale on Blue Ray and DVD). This b1tch who I contracted HIV from in 2013, cheated on me with a so called friend, that kid who became a faggot from the show Who’s The Boss. She went around saying I beat her dog off on our white comforter (it was the cat and it was only like 3 or 4 times). About a year later she going around leaving used tampons in cereal boxes at grocery stores for customers to be surprised when they get home. She got caught having sex with a garden rake and she needs help. This week I found out she still taking her crap out of her toilet bowl and leaving it on her neighbors car. She nothing but a horny cock worshipping slore. She crazy and needs help. And some hay she looks like a horse and is hungry. Oh and Danielle tell your Elmer Fudd looking faggot of a boyfriend to stop raping my cat.

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