Ontario 5

The Trevster From Brantford Can’t Make Big Poo Logs Like A Real Man

The Trevster from Brantford is a piece of work. He claims to brew and lay big shit eggs, but had to be admitted to the hospital a week ago because his asshole rim busted and bled causing him to pass out and hit his fucking head. He tried to hide it from his gay lover Lance Bass while he claimed that he didn’t cause it out of selfishness an claimed he was at his lowest when he just let the anal dam burst open for the shit explurge. After getting to hospital he used his bed pan as a bowl to put his Rice Krispies in after he shit in the pan. Bailed in embarrassment when his mother showed up with the tape measure to measure his shit and penis. His kids that he had with his sister were so upset at his inability to make proper poo for the family. He can’t take a real man dump. He isn’t much of a man for his small little rabbit shits that the Trevster makes.

Do you want someone to steal your man ? Do you want the gift that keeps on giving ? Well you have met your gir! Here we have meagan ! She will fuck your man AND send him home with warts on his balls the size of grapefruits! Look, if you want to screw over an ex, or rival, send them her way !! She’ll do your man not only with the all the disease on the planet(she collects them like pokemon cards), but she will admit she wants to give the gift! This is your chance! Take it or leave it! Don’t let your men, girlfriend, boyfriend or even acquaintances near this nasty slore herpe cunt! Hide your kids, hide your wife and husband-! If you go to Collingwood, Ontario.

So this cock slut used warshed up meth selling lot lizard/cop calling/home wrecking/boss fucking on a trampoline piece of doggy dung will do anything for a steamy log of crap on her flat chest. She portrays like she can sing but the only thing she can do is play skin flute. She loves when a new strains of meth pops in at the hooker house so she can spread her legs and put another innocent bystander under her belt! She will take anything from you that she can she will give you any or all of the 3 dildos she carries and spreads and make you feel like a worthless piece of scum! so beware of this bitch who made me take a shit on a glass coffee table as she watched underneath or you will be sure to file an insurance claim for your dignity back so in my opinion watch out Maynooth she the dirtiest of the dirty and she’s coming for you!

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