Arizona 2

Alexis Chews on Urinal Mints From Mens Bathrooms In Sleezy Biker Bars

Alexis was one of my hos in Winslow. Bitch didn’t pay up and stole me drugs. Last I seen her she was all pissed up drunk with a Navajo native guy named Butch Kone. Must be broke as fuck I heard she was skanking her ass out for nickles in some dive bar. So broke she sneaks into the mens washroom to steal the urinal mints (You know those things you aim to piss on) She uses those chews on them like a peppermint patty. I guess the toxins get you just fucked up like huffing gas or smoking meth. Alexis also has this yellow fungus crust that grows on her snatch and the rim of her asshole. Its fucking sick. The shit crust is so hard on her ass that the shit shards are like chunks of glass so it cuts the cheeks and makes it bleed. Adds extra flow to her seldom periods. She is pregnant all the time. If her dad or brothers are out of jail or out on bond.

Jennifer Once worked as a Tampon Consultant for Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and John Legend.

Jennifer hangs around casinos and safe injection sites trying to get men to give her money, a ride, drugs or anything because she is a homeless hag and she steals from the Solomon food bank. She likes to tell a sob story just to make people feel sorry for her when in reality she is nothing but a floozy working the casino. Her pussy stinks like faggot cum and guacamole She will steal your maxi pads used or new to use or to sniff and save for later. She use to hang them on her fridge at her motel room until she got evicted for raping a dog. Now she wears maxi pads and tampons as ear rings like a fucking drag queen whore. She is a good manipulator but only when it comes to blind fools or crack addicts. She only ever puts make up on her ugly mug when she thinks she can trap a dude. What’s worse is this whore has 5 kids that she got taken away by the state cause she is too busy spreading her legs or getting high to actually raise her babies. She likes to call herself whatever name is on the pizza deliver order which when you look at her picture is a sad and pathetic attempt to boost her own non existent ego. She is trash and a thief. If she comes to your house better lock up your valuables and nail your sh1t down. 

Korynne’s Ass Cheeks Are Perma-Cemented Together with her crust rock hard shit. She never wipes her ass. Shes an Outlaw.

This is Korynne and She destroyed a marriage and there were kids involved!! Not only that but she was friends with the wife!!! She hops from one relationship to the next. If she wouldn’t have messed with the husband the couple would have worked it out! Korynne doesn’t just stop there she goes to pet stores and rapes all the puppies with a strap on dildo she borrowed from some homeless nigger that she always smokes crack with. Korynne shits wherever she feels like it poos on the streets every fucking where. Never wipes her ass too Permanent Shit Crust as hard as cement glue these girls ass cheeks together. The poo that she lays out oozes out like playdough in those push machines. Its really fucking gross and smelly. No wonder there are never flies at the dump they are always circling Korynnes asshole and moldy pussy.

Stole Money From That Crazy Nigger J-Fresh

Kristin was a pig to begin with and then she fucked a nigger now she is a methhead and has AIDS. No body wants her she is considered trash but so is any chick that fucks niggers. Would you be friends or associate with someone who fucks a dog? or a child? Of course not they are filth.  This Tweaking bitch Kristin Garcia stole presents from my homie’s 1 year old niglet and $2,000 he jacked from some white bitch at the liquor store. J-Fresh be trippin’ mad word. I can’t wait till karma bites her in the ass. She’s a dirty fat chick that tweaks in front of her child. She should be ashamed of her self. I wonder what her family is gonna think. If anyone has any information drop a line to all the niggers in cell block 6. The thugs want to all rape this whales folds before they get their money back. Remember after all even the fattest sickest ugliest fucking white woman is better than any woman with a drop of Nigger DNA to those niggers.

Amy you fucking 2 face slore that fuked everyone and they dude she a home recker that has dnt have lupis she a convoleing lair she fuking my baby daddy I was three months prego and she ,made me lose my baby this girl is all bad new she puts up a front and looki for a hand out .. she trys to run ur shit u pay for and tell u what to do she bald head scally wage … sh1t she should sell her a55 instead of handing it oout how she do what ur man around her or shell take ur man like she did mine on sight all I can say keep my name oiut ur mouth I really don’t know what all that mean shit about Amy that was blurbbed there. But Amy was born Mark and has a penis. This creature hides in canyons in Arizona and attacks tourists. It jumps out like the meth head it is spreads its hairy ass cheeks and sprays tourists with diarreah splatter spray. It is a skunk marking its territory. Be aware of Amy or Mark or whatever it goes by. It is always high on meth and is very unpredictable. Hence the stupid tattoos and breath of anal sewage.

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