British Columbia 3

Alyssa Cowichan’s Own Radioactive Shitting Cum Gurggler

Alyssa’s training hard to be the pooping champion of Canada representing Cowichan Valley she poops big fucking steamy radioactive shit logs. She produces big shit logs which harvest potassium for the world she is the poop champ pooping poop she donated her biggest poop log to Disney World to use for the log ride. She got poop cream stains on her yeasty yellow dress. She gurgles her grandfathers cum in her mouth like scope before she goes to work at Tim Horton’s. Then spits the jizz in the coffee pot. She grabbed that Ice cream cone there and rammed it up her ass hole to ease the itching of her burning red hemroid ring that is bleeding on her yeasty yellow dress.

Mel Pays men to hang out with her, loans them money so that they might want to hang out more. Sleeps with married men. Breaking up families left and right. Where to begin? We all hope you find some self respect girl. She is too buys sitting in her basement apartment suite in Sidney playing with her RUBBER DILDO SHREK DOLL. Mel is a huge advocate for the rights of fucking fruitcake fudgepackers to own all sorts of a wide variety of rubber dildos. She went to school to learn about it with her dad. Her dad has ass sex with her on the beach because he likes walrus’s and fucks walrus’s. His Dildo Entrepeneaur daughter Looks like a walrus and her vagina and breath tastes like Walrus jizz. She is alos marketing Walrus Cum she wants to add it on BBQ sauce in her cereal franchise that she shares with That fucking loser Jew from The Big Bang Theory Howard. She likes his nut sack and sniffs his toilet paper after he wipes his ass. Fuk you Mel.

Haley and Heather (Cum Swap Shit and Piss Twins) use and abuse everyone in their path. Parties with rapists every weekend. If they only knew that I fuck both their mothers at the same time when they are at work at A & W getting my beer and smoke money. I take all these whores money and make them so poor they brush their teeth with yeast infection and herpes cream I use on my flaming rectal warts when they are bleeding. You can fuck the crap out of these sluts hit them with baseball bats cum, piss, and shit all over them and they will still come back to you begging for more. These dime bag dykes are the reason that Victoria Metro Area has the dirtiest smelling whores on the planet.

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British Columbia 2

British Columbia

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