Texas 3

This one has tried to portray herself as a golden child but she got caught having sex with her boss. The fact is, she was supposedly a “bookkeeper” for this married guy’s business and ended up keeping more than just the books. She serviced his nutsack orally every day and all day. She lured him into her home and made him watch her shit on a plate so her dog would eat it while he jerked off to her doing it. In her warped world poo if food. She is Ashely and got fired from her first job at Bang Bros for not blowing the boss. In all fairness the boss was an AA nigger and she didnt want AIDS. She got a new boob job, hair extensions, tan, and she managed to pay for this by ripping off senior citizens in magazine scams. Fact is, she’s horny. Last time I seen Ashley last night she was fucking a fire hydrant downtown in front of a church.

Stephanie has a moldy taco crotch This person is nothing but a cheating, lying, sorry excuse of a woman. She has NO problem sleeping with a man that is married or taken when they are drunk or high. I found her tampons in my room with my husbands jizz on them. . Sending him dirty pictures of her shit filled spic fat ass all the time and telling him that her ass is wet for his tongue to lick her crap. she wasn’t happy in her marriage to Pedro and was going to file for a divorce. Call ICE if you see this illegal walking around. Spitting fucking beaners out of her crotch for money like a fucking pinata exploded. Take a shower bitch.

A Texas man has been arrested for killing a puppy.
Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested Claudio Gomez on Wednesday after a video surfaced on Facebook where he filmed himself hanging a small puppy from a tree resulting in the canine’s death


Brooms go in Chickens Assholes

This young lady is Abbi and she lives in America Illegally because she hates laws and Americans. She works at Cargil with her other sombrero folklore and she shits in the beef and rams broom sticks up chickens assholes before they get butchered. Abbi loves taken men, once she has your number the text literally poor in 2-3 by the minute depending on how many pesos she has left for pay and go minutes. She was successful in getting my husband to spend 30 minutes at her place after work and fuck her stinky sewage taco the American way, thank God I had a plunger at home to ram in my asshole when I was waiting. Alrighty folks in Bovia Texas that work at Cargil watch out for this thirsty little tramp. 

Ector Sucks A Lot Of Old Man Cock To Avoid Deportation

 This guys name is Ector he lives in a fucking trailer. He works at the bowling alley and shits in the shoes. This guy loves the Dicks slapping him in his beaner face, but has been afraid to come out of the closet because he has shitty fake illegal immigration papers. So he trolls craigslist for men who want him and play dick swords in shady latin motels. He has two kids by two different women, both of who are fat whales, who he beat up for eating his McDonald’s. His mother is Fat fucking blob who shits out beaner kids like a pinata exploded, and she works for Taco Bell. She has a lot of burritos, mostly for lawn mowing men, men she slept with for free guacamole, in the government shack she lives in. His child molesting father works at a paper mill and runs illegal immigrants across the border and hence has a lot of dirty money. But back to him. This guy likes to get his kicks from praying on the weak and pretending to be a big time drug dealer. Of course, he doesn’t pay child support, has no job, and is a dead beat dad. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but come out of the closet and stop hurting women because you are ashamed of yourself Ector.

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Texas 2


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