Germany 2

One of Hitler’s Angels

Rebeka spreads the gospel. She also spreads her legs. She spreads herpes too. But thats ok she told me god wanted it that way. Rebeka is awesome pure German girl who told me about god or as the real Germans call him Adolph Hitler. She told me that Hitler is millions of years old and the jews have killed him twice. Once as jesus and then again as his name sake. She told me that he is coming back soon and we must be prepared. He is saving all except jews this time homeland is not Israel he said its the moon or sun. She told me Hitler loves all walks of life even niggers. She said he is portrayed by the Jews because they are whiners like 2 year old school girls when they don’t get their way.

Joanna Is a Piece Of Poo I shit Out in 1992 in Munich Germany at a Herpes Doctors House.

I went to a German Voodoo Herpes Doctor in 1992. I had to use her toilet and I made a stinky POO. The poo stayed alive. The Haitian Herpes Doctor named the Poo Joanna because it looked and smelt like all the other niglet welfare tickets she had. My poop that I made grew into a nigger whore. This skanky ass whore decided it would be a great idea to have sex with a goat at the zoo and countless other men that use to shovel animal shit who were married, had families, or girlfriends who cared for them and their poo. She doesn’t care if you have a boyfriend, or have been married for 40 years if you tell her she is feces that can walk and talk or that her appearance leaves you speechless in disgust she will spread her ass cheeks in front of you and shit out a batch of violent nigger eggs without hesitation. She tends to go for faggots because she’s a dumb broke bitch struggling to get a job at walmart and likes to fuck her way to a quick buck. Don’t fall for her whore self. No telling what you’ll catch besides a broken heart.

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