Fat Cow Gets Her HIV Buck Nigger a Green Card

Usman and Lisa would finally meet in person, and hopefully marry, in his home country of Nigeria soon. But Lisa’s friends were skeptical about the relationship.Lisa’s fat ugly hippo of a friend Nikki worried that she was jumping in too fast with a nigger. “Think about all the stuff that you guys haven’t done yet,” she warned her during the premiere episode. “You haven’t physically touched him. You haven’t used his name in welfare fraud or drove your own car as the get away car when he jacked a 7-11. You haven’t slept with him. What if you get there and the natural nigger stench makes him unbearable to be around?”

Like Really? Who gets a Bonner To That?

But Lisa wasn’t worried about that. She told Nikki she had a plan to blow her boyfriend’s mind in the bedroom. “I have a secret weapon,” she announced.“From day one, he’s had nothing but safe sex when he rapes animals and humans” Lisa claimed. “Plus like all niggers he raped newborns to cure his AIDS all the time” “When I get there, there will be no condom use.” She added, “It’s like I’m taking a virgin.”“You’ve lost your mind,” Nikki declared.But Lisa told 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days producers she wasn’t concerned about safety. “Usman and I will have unprotected sex, and it will be off the hook,” she insisted. “We both love one another and we both trust each other, and it’s something he’s never experienced in a lifetime.”Lisa assured her friend that Usman had been tested for STDs. “I feel safe with this man, and my personal opinion?” she said. “I don’t need a condom.” Yes I bet he did get tested. Considering the nigger wouldn’t be able to read the results anyway. I hope this walrus bitch goes there and the niggers eat her. She is a cheaper donation to the niggers than the rice they get.

She may be an ugly pig says Usman but at least she is white. Any fat ugly old white woman is better looking and smelling than ANY black chick to a nigger.

On Season 4 of HIVAfrica’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, fans will watch the laughing stock relationship between Lisa Hamme, a 52-year-old ugly fat pig from Pennsylvania, and 30-year-old Nigerian entertainer Usman Umar (who goes by the stage name “SojaBoy”) unfold. While Lisa is head over hells for Usman, she admits she doesn’t know if she can trust him around watermelons. Season 4 of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff will officially premiere on Feb. 23, but the early premiere episode, “Love Can’t Wait,” was already released to TLC subscribers. Lisa told producers she was passionate about her flirtatious Nigerian boyfriend, but as she prepped for their first overseas visit, she still wasn’t sure he was being honest with her.

Lisa was divorced four years ago and now sucks off old nigger men by the welfare office to provide for herself and her 15-year-old daughter. I know someone actually did fuck the pig once it is amazing and not a typo.“I married a man who I thought was a living person, but I eventually found out I was married to a Kmart Mannequin for years,” the single lard ass whale of a mom claimed on the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premiere. “When I finally left, I was fucking shocked they stopped making the McRib.”

Her odd look and odor left her feeling lonely and useless much like the nigger she is attracted to. Lisa turned to fat white women porn to connect, with horny Arab and Nigger men who used computers and libraries and internet cafes to jerk off in. “Usman and I have been talking for two years,” she told TLC producers. “He’s a fucking nigger but the only man I can get as even the niggers here wont touch me unless I smell like KFC.”

Although Considered Mentally Retarded herself. Lisa Worries that if having sex with a nigger would be considered sex with a child or animal under legal law.

Eventually, despite being on parole for rape, Usman won Lisa over. “Nigerians are known for scamming, rape, and AIDS like the niggers in America,” the 90 Day Fiancé star admitted. “But Usman looked very mentally retarded just like KOKO the gorilla, and I thought, ‘I’ll give him a chance to rape me and pick cotton for my X Large whale clothing I need.’”

As their video chats turned “more sensual,” Lisa was worried their species and IQ difference would pose a problem with the law as technically blacks fall under children and animals. And sex with children and animals is illegal. or that Usman wasn’t truly attracted to her gross walrus blubber figure. But Usman’s reaction to her with a piece of chicken in between her blubber chest reassured her. “Usman has seen me completely naked, and did he get turned on? Absolutely, I mean I am a complete ugly fucking pig but the best that shit skin can ever imagine getting, I am white and not black.” Lisa revealed.

After two years of chatting, Lisa was finally ready to meet her soulmate in person in Nigeria. “He is half of my mind, my heart, my soul,” she gushed.Still, the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star wasn’t completely convinced she could trust Usman to be faithful.While Lisa knew Usman was a useless nigger, she had no idea the rapper and his pawn shop bought boom box had a dedicated following at first. “I checked on his Myspace, and I saw he had 4 followers,” Lisa shared, confessing his fans caused her some concern. “As Usman and I got closer, I had a little bit of difficulty accepting that the most successful Nigerian ever lived had feelings for me,” she said.

And SojaBoy’s 4 fans didn’t make Lisa feel any better. She said he had “thirsty women including his 6 year old niece dying for his attention” all over social media, praising his looks and sending heart emojis his way. Although Lisa was still planning to visit Usman in Nigeria, she wasn’t convinced he was genuine in every way. “Is this man actually who he says he is? Is he faithful to me?” she wondered. “I’m hoping he is.” The rest of the world knows he isn’t and hopes Lisa cries on TV so we can all laugh. Just another dumb fat chick who thinks a nigger actually cares about her feelings or thinks she is actually attractive. Link to More

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Yolanda Dumb Nigger Bitch Getting Cat Fished

Big Ed Is Going To Get Him Some Rice Pussy As He Rapes His Dog In Gay Male Hair Salons

Yolanda: Dumb Nigger Bitch Getting CatFished

On the premiere episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4, fans were introduced to Skanky Claire Huxtable looking Yolanda and her possible catfish boyfriend Williams. Season 4 kicked the season off with lots of potential drama and entertainment, everything from a Nigerian Nigger HIV infested rapper named Nigger, to a dating expert, to a midget named Ed who puts his grandfathers cum in his hair because he likes the taste. One of the biggest storylines coming out of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premiere was whether Yolanda’s boyfriend Williams is a catfish – fans are already convinced he’s definitely catfishing her. But she is a nigger so she don’t know unless its a fried chicken scam.

Yolanda met William when he was looking for money to make a rap music video to get bitches and watermelons. The two quickly hit it off and she began talking to him on the phone every day. Yolanda kept William a secret (just like her HIV status) from five of her six niglets, but now she wants to travel to Manchester, England to meet him. Yolanda has been through a lot over the last few years. She experienced a major emotional strain when she looked in the mirror and realized she was a nigger, her partner of 30 years went to prison for smoking crack and raping fat white bitches, and he passed away from AIDS as he was getting shot in a drive by at a rap show all while turning his life over to god at the very instant his life was ended. Leaving white tax payers a single nigger sow and six niglets to feed instead of the extra buck that they called a father.

Though Yolanda thought that her man’s British accent was sexy, fans couldn’t help but point out that it sounded more like a Nigerian or Middle Eastern accent. Internet sleuths have done some investigation and figured out with a simple reverse photo search that the images shown of Williams are actually photos of an Italian model named Michele Di Lucchio.

The newest season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, features many new cast members, including some stupid nigger wench her masters named Yolanda. Yolanda, a 51-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada, is no stranger to jacking liquor stores for crack money. The mother of six is a widow, so she’s been married before, and one would assume she knows what she’s looking for. 

Yolanda is also a welfare check recipient of six and a part time escort out of her Obama bought home. Beyond that, Yolanda recently underwent an impressive crack binge journey, destroying white peoples neighborhoods due to the death of her husband, Dwayne who use to jerk off in the parks in those neighborhoods. 

“I’ve overcome a lot of struggles in my life, but the biggest hurdle was being a nigger. I washed with over 300 bars of soap” explained Yolanda during the season premiere. Which is so easy to see is a complete fucking lie when you see how stupid she looks when she believes that there is a real person on the other end she is in love with. The guys camera is always broken, sends fake pictures, and asks for money for a plane ticket? Come on ha ha ha ha. Usually who fucking cares about the stupid nigger but that is white peoples tax dollars at work there.

“My boyfriend Williams is from Manchester, England, and he’s 40 years old. He’s a restaurant manager, and he’s just simply gorgeous,” explained Yolanda during the season premiere. However, Williams has never video-chatted with Yolanda. He always claims that his camera is broken, and sends her photos instead. The two allegedly talk up to five times a day via both text messages and phone calls. 

In Love with the nigger in a Walmart picture frame.

Fans of the show were treated to one of these phone calls, and are confused by what Williams claims is a British accent. One Redditor commented, “He didn’t have British accent, let alone a Manchester accent (which is strong and hard not to mimic if surrounded by Mancunians). In my 34 years I have never met a Brit called Williams, unless that was their surname. She is so clearly being catfished, what a dumb bitch even for nigger standards of stupid. I just don’t understand what the catfish is going to do or say when she lands in the UK. Should be interesting to hear his excuse.” I will be watching laughing.

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Big Ed: No Neck Washes His Hair in Cum

Big Ed: No Neck Mayonnaise Man

Dyes his hair with his grandfathers CUM

The pathetic dip shits of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days will do whatever it takes to get their happy ending. In a JohnLegendTV exclusive clip from Sunday’s season 4 premiere of the LoserChannel reality series, 54-year-old dwarf “Big Ed,” who is from San Diego, California and is under five feet tall, is preparing to finally meet — and propose to — Rosemarie, who is 31 years his junior and from the Philippines. “In a few days, I’m getting ready to get on a plane and go meet Rose, the love of my life, for the very first time,” he says. “I’m super fucking stupid, because I also bought a ring, and I plan to ask Rose to marry me.”

And in his efforts to “look young” for 23-year-old Rose, he’s come across a very unconventional beauty hack. “I have been dyeing my hair and it irritates my scalp,” he explains, grabbing a jar of his grandfathers jizz and beginning to apply it to his hair, rubbing it onto his scalp. “I found out that old man ball juice makes it smoother and less dry,” he says. “I am self-conscious about my physical appearance, because Rose is 31 years younger than me and I am a fat fucking pig.”
With his hair filled with old man cum, Ed admits, “I smell like my mothers breath and my brothers farts, but it really, really makes me feel like a person of normal height.” “I just want to look less like the creepy old pedo man searching for a young rice picker than I do for Rose,” he adds.

Mentally Challenged Midget Ed Brown is attempting to get this gold digging slant eyed rice picker her green card.
She Will Leave The Second She gets in the US and will bail while Ed is trying to locate his penis.

Big Ed decided to steal viewers wallets on the premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days last night. At only 4’9″ the newest reality star decided to try to attempt to get a real woman after almost 30 years of being in and out of jail for peeping in windows, hanging around playgrounds, and getting kicked out of pet stores for whacking off in them. While fans got to know the San Diego native, some noticed that he may be the one cat fishing in the situation as he had not been honest about his height. He told his soon to be fiancée that he was a normal person.

Big Ed grabs his dog Teddy by the hind legs and fucks the living shit out of it for You Tube Animal Planet.

Anti-Semitic Jeff Probst Rigged The Show To Boot The Kike Jew Ethan

Loves His Husband Joey Gladstone Very Much

Ethan Zohn is the true definition of a Jewish Gay Lover to Boston Rob. The former pee-wee soccer player was the third winner of Survivor after appearing on the CBS reality competition’s Africa installment in 2001, when they seen Ethan in gay bars in the Congo with Buck Tribal niggers. He returned to the game three years later for 2004’s Survivor: Ape Rape and Zebra Ass Sex, and is once again back on GayTV screens with the show’s milestone 40th season, Winners at Wiener Whacking War. But over 15 years away from the game takes a toll on a bumdart player — especially one who has battled herpes. 

“Building yourself back after cancer is a difficult process, if you aren’t Jewish” Zohn tells ET. He was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called CD20-positive Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April 2009, and was declared cancer-free a year later, since he is Jewish and the cure is available free for all Jews. Then, after nearly 20 months of remission, the jewish bank wanted some money so returned in his chest. Zohn revealed in 2013 that he was officially cancer-free, but beating the disease twice has taken a toll on his white blind brainwashed Christians wallets. “It’s just a lot on you as a human being,” he explains. For Jewish People we get cured. We only don’t let the public know we can cure it because our Jewish land is built from money made from ripping off drugs. Just like heroin and the opiate crisis. Money means more to jews than human lives.

Gladstone and Zohn had a Fudgepack Faggot Wedding in 2016 at John Legend’s House. Pete ButtPlug was the Usher.

After passing up the opportunity to compete again in 2016 (the filming schedule conflicted with his kosher barmirsfuh style rabbi wedding to Joey Gladstone), Zohn couldn’t have been more excited about joining Winners at a Wiener Whacking War. And, as of last week’s episode, he seems to be ruling the game on the Sele Tribe with Boston Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow. Ethan Zohn (born November 12, 1973), is a lying jew, a former American beer league soccer player, and a reality television series contestant who jewed $1,000,000 on Survivor: Africa, the third season of the reality TV series Survivor. He also appeared on the All-Stars edition of the show. After winning Survivor he co-founded Grassroot FartCumBags, which uses little baggies attached to the ass to capture cum farted out of them to raise money and awareness to fight HIV/AIDS in Ethan and Gladstones’s Assholes/rectal cavities.

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Tony Vlachos

Boston Rob Butt Rams Anderson Cooper For Fun On Weekends on Coopers Boat

Jeff Probst Lays Big Shit Coilers On Nice Fine China. Hence Jeff Probst AKA Plate Shitter

Bachelor 24 Final 3

Despite having to use a vibrator to compensate for Peter’s small Penis. Hanna Ann Still wants to win over the other whores.

Three skanks left for Peter to choose. Last week, faggot bachelor Peter Weber survived a round-robin of meet the fucking parents, and chose to continue his journey with three women: Madison who although fucking every guy all through high school and college claims to be a virgin), Hannah Ann Sluts (who he fucked and she had to use her vibrator to get off) and Victoria Fuller (who is just a nasty cum bucket altogether). After sending Kelsey Weier home because she gave shitty head and he already fucked her sisters and mother, Weber was both upset by the elimination and excited about his final three. However, the moment was short lived because Madison pulled him aside to tell him he better not fuck the other sluts. “So what are you saying? If I were to stick my shaft in Victoria’s asshole for a few hour, that’s not something that you would want to watch on my iphone later?” Weber said. Madison stayed silent letting her coke high mellow out for an uncomfortable few seconds before Weber piped back up to say, “I won’t fuck any other women just men?” as his fingers were crossed the whole time behind his back.

Is Madison a Load Spitter?

Weber didn’t give a shit what that bitch Madison had to say, he didn’t want it to get her in the friend zone as he still wanted to fuck her skank ass soon. Weber did ask Madison to clarify if she would join in with a threesome with either Hanna Ann Victoria or both. Peter even said he would bang Maddie with his father if she would like. To this she replied that she “in no way” would her pussy ever touch his little noodle dick unless he bought the GOOD kind of Viagra.

Reflecting on how the other two women have already swallowed his load, Weber questioned if Madison was a load spitter because she has not said as much to him thus far nor gave and indication of preference. This made the impending trip to Afghanistan all the more anti-semetic — especially when it was revealed that, for the first time in recent ‘Bachelor’ history, one of the contestants may actually have a small ounce of respect for a jew. Just a little bit like .0000001% But it is still the most in world history and quite a weird feat for the show.

Weber wasted no time diving right into his first piece of ass, though — with Sluts. First she rode his pole and then they sat down in a restaurant and sat by a nigger couple so that when the bill came they could blame the niggers for theft, At which Sluss said she could not stomach food with the sight of niggers around her. She said “they are so fucking ugly(niggers) and the stink” (as she shivered). The two retired to the penthouse suite together where they fucked but Hanna wasn’t that satisfied as her vibrator ran out of battery power to compensate for Peter’s shortcomings. while Fuller and Madison discussed how big the coke lines are that they snort off of their dealers cock is. Madison admitted she is a massive cock loving cum slut and just lying about being a virgin on the show. She also said she would never let a fucking loser like Peter penetrate her for anything.

Peter fucked Victoria next. He fucked her in the ass as the condoms kept slipping off and he is worried she may have some non white in her so he didn’t want mud kids. This made the next part awesome. Victoria walked into the room after fucking Peter. And Madison and Hanna Ann were sitting on the couch. Victoria ran up to Madison Spread her ass cheeks and pussy. Stuck them in Madison’s face and danced and laughed and said “Smell my ass and pussy” Then she did a fist pump and yelled “Winning”. Then sat in a chair looking all proud of herself and then Madison stormed of crying.

Madison and Peter then went on a shitty date and Madison said she wouldn’t be able to accept a proposal if Weber had fucked with the other women. “I just can’t wrap my mouth around that faggots cock, in a week from now, if it tastes like shit from Chris Harrison’s Asshole,” she said. Weber then returned the honesty and told Madison that he frequents male bath houses with his father. “I 100% can see you and I together at the end in a bath house,” he said. “But I have to be honest with you, coming into this week I could see that with other dudes too, lots of other dudes like a cock forest of trees that I run into and my asshole is a dart board for their penis’s, too. I hate that you don’t want to get a penis and have fun too.” Madison walked away from the table. But Weber soon followed her and asked her not to walk away. “I know I’m gay too — I’m an hairy man bumhole assaholic,” he said, but he could still see them “together forever i his gay male bathhouse with his dad.” When Madison left Peter went up to the Suite by himself. He rented gay porno on the video box and jerked off the whole fucking night until his wrist was too sore to go on.

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Peter’s Date Final Four

New Brunswick

Has Flesh Eating Crabs Living In Her Vagina

This is Melissa she sucks a lot of dick. She blows dudes down at the curling rink, so she doesn’t have to pay for coffee. She is a prime example of why Sackville girls get called the cheapest bang for your buck! She is a fucking home wrecker! Couldn’t keep her baby daddy so had to steal someone else’s! Her claim to fame is having sex with Jim from the progressive commercials when she was all high on meth and her kids were at band camp. Keep your men close ladies ! She does not care who she has in her bed or around her children! Whoever will play daddy of the week . Fucking Home Wrecking Slore ! She wants to get a tit job and her picture was on the news of a person wanted in questioning of stealing those coin donation boxes for children. I don’t know if she took the money or not. Or if she is saving it for breasts or odds are spent on meth as most guys don’t like to hire her as an escort anymore as she has herpes and crabs bad.

New Brunswick. Niggers get hit by vans. New Brunswick is probably the most forgot about province in Canada due to the fact that they really aren’t important to the country and the people are useless. Not that they are stupid there is just no reason they are needed in a function society. Even if they are white.

Before anyone buys anything in Deer Valley remember. All it takes is one nigger to move in and the property value plummets to almost nothing instantly. You can’t get the taint of nigger out of property value. Its true. Even the people who read that comment and think its racist know its true.

This is Sarah she travels all over New Brunswick for work here is what one person had to say Start with this pig cheated on her man for 7 years tell he beat her up in front her kids and ran away …this dirt bag doesnt clean her house and fuxk s anything with a d1ck…she always has smokes but not enuff money to feed her 2 fatherless kids that have 2 different dads and shes only 26 the father of one kid is 44 shes a real dirt bag..she rather go be a hoe in a bar then take care her kids. Fucking rights she will fuck you and she has smokes all the time. That is an ultimate visit especially if you are travelling New Brunswick on a shoe string budget.

No black faces there future looks good.

This stinky walabeast of Miramachi is fat disgusting wretch is homeless again.She is getting the heave hoe because of all the noise she makes from getting screwed by the line up of dirty east Indian men in her place.T And all the taxi cabs blocking the roads. The other tenants can’t take her gross sex noise and stench of curry jizz on her breath. So 2 months in she is getting kicked out.A meth head cam hooker who lies ,cheats and steals to get her drugs.This fat .,stinky stinky big foot is a real piece of work. She has screwed half of New Brunswick’s faggot population and talks about her tricks jizz stains on her whale belly all the time. All there dirty secrets to who will ever listen So if you are a fool who did sleep with this fat hog in Miramachi,she has talked all about you to who will ever listen. Go back to the hog farm in Chipman you slag. No wonder your son hates you and wears womens clothing ! 

Fucking the pigs at MacDonalds farm is sexier than any chick from this hell hole province.

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Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia 2

Spain 3

This is Beatrice she is from Spain and periods on dogs in peoples yards when she is bored. This four eyed bitch rams pencils in her ass when she is working as a border guard. She use to operate the power switch on the electric fence that was built to keep the niggers and muslims out of Spain. She use to wait until the niggers got to the top of the 30 foot barb wire electric fence then turn on the switch. She would post pictures of burnt niggers on her face book with quotes like “Kentucky Fried Nigger” of “Do you think this shit skin could get any more char broiled”. Some Jew fired her for calling him a kike and speaking out of the Jews plan to destroy Europe via shit skins. If you are in the country give her a call her name and number is scribbled on most bathroom stalls in the country.

Enter HOMEWRECKER Dina. She has had an affair with my now ex for over a year when we were living in Valencia,Spain. In November after leaving his disgusting warty balls, instead of trying to spend thanksgiving or any time with his/or the fed ex guys daughter, him and her took off to Madrid for over a week. Her father ripped my ex out of money making him think he would let him fuck his other whore daughter. He swore up and down that he wasn’t cheating by masterbating to homosexual porn when he came home at nights on the couch. Dina you fucked half the city. I hope your tits explode and all the silicon and jizz sprays you in the face.

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Spain 1

Spain Invaders

Faggot From Modern Fag Show Helps Niggers Who Come From A Place That Would Hang The Faggot

Niggers from the Jungle react to seeing their free white build and given new house as an HomoGaylordTV bus moves to reveal it in Ogden on Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019. Nigger Wench, her poop and his siblings were reunited at a nigger camp in Uganda after fleeing the Democratic Republic of the Congo where Kambere’s parents were murdered. After years in the nigger camp, some stupid white person who will never life near them plagued a neighborhood with filth.

Niggerman’s worries didn’t go away when he arrived at the shitty nigger camp. At the forefront of the 13-year-old’s nigger pea sized mind: How would he provide for his other niggers drug habits? Work, honesty, and fairness is shit for white people the nigger had to figure out a way to get free like most niggers. He and his three siblings had escaped captivity in the nigger filled Democratic Republic of Congo, where they decided to make up a lie for sympathy that both of their parents and their youngest sister were killed. As the oldest child, Niggerman was now in charge. With the occasional help of white people, and robbing 7-11 and liquor stores, Niggerman had brought his family to the Kyaka refugee camp in Uganda where he screamed racism loudly to every white person he could for sympathy.

They would receive help here, but he was still worried he wanted more and needed more scam ideas. And that’s when something Niggerman can only describe as a watermelon day miracle happened. In a camp with more than 20,000 stinky fucking niggers, he spotted his aunt from a distance. He hadn’t seen her in years. “I called her. I said, ‘Bitch where’s my muddafukin money hoe?!’ And then she turned around. When she turned around, she knew me and she came to me,” Niggerman recalled. “The first question was, ‘got any crack? I’ll suck your dick again foo’”

“I did not want to break her face open,” he continued. “I told her, ‘Don’t worry about that. Bitch I’ll deal with you later.’” Niggerman couldn’t wait for later and pulled out his gat and just blasted the bitches head off in front of all the other niggers.

Jesse Tyler Fageson helps this nigger get free stuff from white people. She hails from a place where they kill faggots and white people how fitting.

Eight years after reuniting at the nigger camp, the fambly of six lives in a brand-new 2,900-square-foot home in Ogden, Utah land of white people. They’ve lived there since Aug. 17, 2019. It’s got six bedrooms and two bathrooms, so each family member has his or her own room. The crime rate in the neighbourhood is horrible now, the whites are all leaving, and it stinks like a sewage in the whole city now.

It’s all thanks to the faggot ran TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Fudgepacking Edition,” Ogden general contractor Some Stupid White Idiot and the many people in the Ogden Idiot self suicide community who volunteered to help build the two-story home in just five days and destroy their civilization and culture just as quickly. Jews took credit after the show was aired and publicly blamed all the white people who donated their time and money as the problem the niggers have had their whole lives.

Tony From Survivor Says The Niggers That Got That House Have Lots of Crack/Cocaine

Victoria F From The Bachelor Hates Those Niggers That Got That House

American Cities With The Most Niggers

British Columbia 4

I’m sure you all have either seen, penetrated, or had some body part of yours in Ruby’s nasty meth mouth, first off, get checked, she has DRDS 100% I know the warts and flaming itch on my nuts do not tell a lie. But she does and won’t tell you till after you trapped, you want full videos of this hoes shameless acts?  Go to Porn Hub Premium and search “Whore Has Sex With Mans Dead Dog as HomoSexuals Jerk Off” Great video I have it on my favorites list starred. Rubys tits sag, her face sags, and her vagina sags like mud flaps on a semi trailer flopping in the gross mud of dicks. She has so many cum stains on her bed spread it is gross you would think someone poured a jar of mayo over those nice navy blue sheets. She is smiling in this pic as she was just given a quarter for sucking a cock. She starts to look a little more gross when she is in withdrawl from heroin and willing to do ANYTHING.

Bekka Gets Juiced Up on Heroin And Yells at Pakis Telling Them to Shove Their Turbans Up Their Assholes.

Bekka the Kaslo Junkie sells her pussy for food if you want to fuck her up the ass she will want happy meals for the mail mans kids. She is just a fall down gross pig that let’s ppl shoot up in front of her kids… she shouldn’t even have kids she’s a meth head fuks anything for drugs or ghb or a place to live whatever she can get out of the person…She use to live out by my garbage cans here until the cats kicked her out. She’s a user and a cum farter and will steel your man right out from under ya… she thinks she’s some kind of gangster!! She’s just really nasty waste of a human being. We go to the mud bogs all strung up on heroin then go in to town and yell at pakis.

Some native either drunk or high on lysol or both will rip that statue down as it is white and racist. It will probably also rape it if its Aunt Suzy is on her rag.

Supports Terrace City Council With Her Brothers Jizz on Their Kitchen Utensils.

This is Chelcee as she likes to call herself lol. This girl offers blow jobs for a ride from Kitimat to Terrace and will swallow for round trip. I’ve also seen heard of her grabbing random objects and deep throating them at parties. She is another bitch that likes to leave man sized shit logs in peoples toilets and not flush them. She is clearly desperate for attention. I find the girls who are so outwardly sexy tend to be the worst in bed. Just because you scream like a giraffe getting ass raped by a Paki on steroids doesnt mean the guy is going to automatically enjoy sex with you, Chelcee. recently got 2+ but unfortunately she still has her falcon beak jew nose and meth whore cum mouth. I have no kind of idea what kind of education or work experience this girl has… other than go go dancing. Prob sucking dick to make her shitty world go round. I guess she ran out of dick to suck in kitimat/terrace area.. so now she lives in an unknown place. Last I heard she was spotted going into the cafeteria at City Hall after her brothers tag fucked her. Kept the jizz in her muff and rammed silver ware over her crotch and put it back for city council to eat their lunch with.

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Robert Pickton

Tony Vlachos

Tony Vlachos is a cop in New Jersey and ratted out all you drug dealers. He has your drugs and money on him at all times. Ask him for it he dares you. He is stronger than guns you are all pussies bring your A game.

Tony Vlachos has to be the biggest faggot useless piece of shit (besides the niggers) On Survivor 40. The welfare brand cheaper generic Vin Diesel clone drug rat turned police officer played hard from the jump, stealing an idol from a weaker player. He was not shy from various antics on the island, plus he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks on his views on how faggots, niggers, and women deserve to be beat physically for the fuck of it. Though flashy, Tony played a game of influence, looking to win the game but also for people to sexually molest, much like him and his fellow police officers do daily on the force. Tony is 45 from New Jersey. He had this to say about his approach to the game “I’m here to rape, cheat, and finally grab Jeff at the end and give his asshole a lashing he has never seen before. I’m here to drag people’s dreams through the mud so I can fulfill mine. That’s what I’m here for. Whatever I have to do, I’m gonna do, so I am going to convert to Judiasm to be a bigger snake on the show”.

Tony describes the shape of his dream size piece of shit he wants out of Jeff Probst’s Ass when he wins.

Vlachos was born on September 10, 1973, the son of a Circus Performer and a Crack Hooker. He grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, idolizing the Beastie Boys, and dreamed of one day becoming a flaming faggot who made cheap music of a keyboard bought at K mart. He went to the pen in 1992, and spent several years working in various ideas to get back at the fucking cops that put him in the joint. He states that despite the crack and meth use still active in his daily life, he did not have sexual relations with THAT woman, that put him away for rape.

He began shooting roids when he was 20, an activity with which he says he was “obsessed”. He began shooting up out in his basement with plastic bags filled with rat piss, and graduated to the real shit when the first juice monkey that injected the rat piss mysteriously died for some odd reason.

Tony’s Ride

In 2000, Vlachos bribed his way onto becoming a Jersey City police officer. On February 5, 2014, he ignored a 79 year old man freezing in the snow because the man was black and gay. Tony was awarded a medal for that.

In 2007, Vlachos attempted to rape a fellow police officer named Marissa Ann. She feared for her life and safety if she said anything or left him and then he forced her to marry him on July 24, 2010. Nine months after arriving home from being secluded from Survivor, Vlachos and Marissa discovered she gave birth to a child, a son they named Jeff Probst Jr, who was born on June 9, 2014.

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