Countries With The Most Smokers

The following are the countries that have the highest rate of smokers who knows the accuracy of the list. But I imagine they are quite close.

10- Chile 38%

These guys were down in a mine for a long time years back. They had fags. I wonder what other fag things they did. They were down there quite some time.

Chile makes the list as the country with the 10th highest percentage of smokers in the world. With 40% of men smoking and 38% of women smoking.

9- Lebanon 38.2%

Man smoking a hookah, Beirut

These Jew lovers made the list at #9. Where in Lebanon 45.5% of men smoke and 31% of women smoke. For them though the smell of smoke doesn’t matter. Its naturally really fucking hot there so they stink like BO constantly. Most of the Muslim population rape the goats and camels. So stinking of fag smoke isn’t a big deal as its the least of their putrid body stench.

8- Bosnia and Herzegovina 38.6%

That bitch on the left looks like she is from an 80’s music video. But she is a Bosnian woman and she is smoking. She probably stole it from her husband who has a real job but she shot him too and stole his fucking gun. Bosnia makes the list at 8 in a country where 47.2% of men smoke and 30% of women do. Also Bosnia is one of the very few European countries that still allow smoking in almost all public places. Bosnia also doesn’t let in too many immigrants and don’t take kindly to faggots in their society. Due to not having these things to kill you Smoking is a better way to die than to be murdered by some nigger or Muslim looking for money to obtain crack/cocaine.

7- Indonesia 39.9%

Fuck kid you have lots of time to do that once you are 12. But the country will bask in the glory you provide for it do it before your lung cancer kills you at 15. Indonesian Cigarettes are sexist I guess. In Indonesia 76.2% of the men smoke. Where as only 3.6% of the women do. I am willing to bet that all the women who do are involved in the sex trade in some sort of fashion.

6- Jordan 40.5%

Jordan makes the list at 6. Now try typing in Jordan smoking into google and all you virtually get is Michael Nigger Jordan pictures.Since Jordanian men can not control their women sexually because they can not pleasure women (a genetic thing with Jordanian men most are impotent, true fact) In Jordan 70.2% of men and only 10 % of the women smoke. Which is about the same amount that are allowed to speak.

5- Russia 40.9%

59% of Russian men smoke where as 22.8% of women do. Most Russian cities recently banned smoking on balconies. Apparently that caused an uproar. They banned smoking on my balcony a few years back. Still hasn’t stopped anyone.

4- Serbia 41.7%

Serbia made it 4th on the list with 43.6 % of men smoking and 39.7% of women smoking. Like most countries in there area the government tries to implement the smoking ban they have there more. But in a country with almost all white people the tend to not have many problems. As major abuse of the law is usually only by stinky niggers and fucking shit skin Muslims.

3- Greece 42.7%

Greece is another country where the laws get pushed to ban smoking but no one listens. I mean really why does Greece fucking care they are bankrupt and fucked anyway. Let them stick fags in their mouths. In Greece 52.6% of men smoke where as 32.7% of the women smoke.

2- Nauru 47.5%

The population of Nauru is so stupid I am amazed they even know how to use fucking lighters so this is and isn’t a surprise. These land whales would smoke cat shit if it was given to them by whitey. In Nauru 43% of the men smoke. But the one country on the list here where women out smoke men. 52% of women smoke. Also Nauru is known as the fattest place on earth. For a country with no niggers or Islam fuck they suck.

1- Kiribati 52.4%

In Kiribati 63.9 percent of men smoke and 40.9% of women smoke. Not something to be proud of being top at. All this talk about smoking makes me feel like one.

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