Things You Need to Know About A Few Skanks on the Bachelor

He is holding in a fart in that picture.

It’s the world of the Internet we can find out anything about anyone. Here are some tid bits I dug up while doing some research on three of them.

Megan the 26 year old flight attendant from San Francisco…….Not Exactly

Its been a rocky battle with addiction. Step by step. Day by day.

We all know they build people up a little bit on a show and they did that just a tad with Megan too. Flight attendant not quite. In reality she has never been on an airplane or an airport. She is from San Francisco but took the greyhound. She was shooting up meth, speed, and heroin a few weeks before the show started. One of her prostitution clients is a Mexican janitor named Jose at CBS studios. Megan needed money and these reality shows are desperate for contestants. She is using methadone while filming the Bachelor and with her winnings wants to move into an alley or under a bridge in the Bay area or Fresno.

Kylie is a 26 year old entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, California. Not exactly

Kylie depends financially on the income she gets from tampon commercials.

Kylie’s lie isn’t all that bad as she is in entertainment to an extent. She did never specify but she is an out of work commercial actress. She specializes in products for feminine relief. She got the gig from constant visits to her doctor and all the flaming itchy shit that goes on in her sewage box. She likes playing softball and wants her dream vacation to be in Africa so she can get AIDS and Ebola before being gang raped by some stick nigger with a bone stuck in its nose.

Courtney is a 26 year old make up girl from Florida. Not exactly.

Lori Loughlin needs to check her white privilege at the door. How did she pull this off. Make up does alot and she caked it on her lying fucking face. This is a new fucking low. First she scams to get her kid into school. Then she scams to win Peters heart. I bet her whole goal is to have a bunch of babies with Pete and get them all into school with fake grades. Doing stuff like that is as much an addiction as gambling, crack, and global warming. Shame on you Lori! Shame on you! Greta will see you soon you liar.

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4 thoughts on “Things You Need to Know About A Few Skanks on the Bachelor

  1. Agreed! Peter has fucked his domamatrix mother many times whilst her queer husband and faggot son watched as she yelled orders to her stud son, “deeper, harder, don’t stop BUD”!

    The majority of the whore actresses on the show are there for the fucking of Harrison!


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