Countries With The Most McDonald’s

The gang in the 80’s before half of them died due to the opiate crisis and climate change.

Lets face it if you can’t afford to have a 24/7 IV of lard going directly in your veins the second best bet to become a big fat lard ass is eat at McDonald’s. Just ask many famous people like Michael Moore and Honey Bo Bo.

Below are the ten countries that half the most lard ass locations.

10- Russia

Once the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990 and being a Jew in Russia wasn’t punishable by death. The hook nosed CEO kikes swooped into Russia and now have 690 restaurants in the country.

9- Brazil

Brazil has 812 McDonald’s shit stores.

 Brazil’s government opened an investigation into McDonald’s in March 2016 after complaints from unionized labor, regarding franchise owners. This fizzled out when people started going missing and their limbs appeared in boxes shipped to their families. And since then Brazil remains a strong satellite outpost for McDonald’s.

8- Australia

Australia has 920 McDonald’s Restaurants

The Americans were hesitant on open up McDonald’s restaurants in Australia. But it has paid off as of late. Now with a whack load of immigrants from loser countries in Australia, you can go down under and have some filthy shit skin fuck up your order there too. Just like at home.

7- United Kingdom

The UK has 1,274 McDonald’s Restaurants

Brits ans Scots love McDonald’s due mainly to the fact they with they were Americans so bad they even speak the Language of American. Virtually all British people are envious of how great America is so they copy the things that America does. The UK is lucky America let them be their own country.

6- France

France has 1,419 McDonald’s shit places.

France has the sixth most McDonald’s in the world. Just like the people the restaurant is Le gay.

5- Canada

Canada has 1,450 McDonald’s Restaurants. Above is the first one ever opened in Richmond BC in 1967.

The first McDonald’s in Canada opened up in 1967 in Richmond, BC a place today that you would assume was in China. In 1992 at a McDonald’s in Syndey, Nova Scotia there was a triple murder. LINK

4- Germany

Germany 1,480 Mcdonalds Restaurants

I know what your thinking and I am thinking the same thing. Can you get Hitlers face on your milkshake cup. I hope so. That would be great. That would be McAdolf.

3- China

China has 2,700 McDonalds Restaurants as of 2020.

Although its 3rd on the list. China did not open the doors of McDonalds until the 1990’s well after all the other rice picker countries did. It is growing quickly though. And with most Chinese women sexually attracted to Donald Trump. More and more Chinese men eat Mcdonald’s to try to become like him or their second biggest idol his wife Rosie Odonnell.

2- Japan

Japan has 2,975 McDonalds franchises as of 2020.

Although the second largest market for McDonald’s. Those zipperheads are figuring out they don’t want to be fat asses like their idols in America. Japanese McDonald’s restaurants are slowly closing.

1- United States of America

USA has 14,146 lard ass gut stops in the country. Fat fucks.

Was it any fucking surprise that this is #1 minus the fact that it originated there. Look at fucking Walmart. Those fat rednecks on those fat scooters need to stop and eat somewhere. McDonald’s nicely fills the lard ass hunger void so you don’t have to wait the 5 minutes to go home and open up that box of pork rinds.

If you haven’t read anything else on the blog you are probably wondering how niggers behave at fine McDonald’s establishments. Probably wondering if some boon could destroy your families diner experience. Well your in luck there is a post for that below too.

T Dog is an aspiring rapper who works part time at McDonald’s to help support his 11 children. He masterbates in the bathroom to fat white women in the JC Penny’s Underwear Flyer on his breaks. He then does not wash his hands and rubs them all over your food and gives it to you with a smile.

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