Hong Kong

Cut off a mans balls and wore them as Testicle Ear Rings.

This dirty slut is Pui Walk, famous for sucking dick. I grabbed her and we went hiking right up the hill at Tai Mo Shan Park. She was wearing testicle ear rings she cut off a mans balls way back. She said he went limp on her. She swallowed I bought her a diet coke and ditched her. She is well-known for sleeping with all her friends husbands in the bitches bed and farting cum bubbles in the bitches toothpaste tubes. She will then threatening them for money for abortions and more crack or heroin. She is also extremely active on the white nazi sites and has spread the truth about the Jewish media to many brain washed chink. She outright demands 10,000 HKD to swallow a load if you haven’t had ice cream with in 24 hours of ejaculating. Has unprotective sex and is also notorious for stealing stuff from her girlfriends homes. Growing up as a flat chested Chink, Poo had to figure out if she wanted to be a news reporter or a fucking whore. Most people love her choice.


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