Florida 3

This hoe Deanna runs around Highland Park, Florida blowing dudes and spreading her legs for crack to smoke. She has been after my sons father for 5 years often snorting blow off his balls and he claims that they are just friends. He knows what a good lay she is so uses her for an ego boost every time I’m “too mean”. Deanna apparently has absolutely no morals or self esteem she steals shit from womens purses at the doctors when she gets her herpes cream. Her herpes are so bad I have heard they are airborn like SARS. She takes pictures of her moldy stained diapers and sends taken men the photos with the hash tag #ratemyshitstain. She’s a disgusting excuse for a female. She works at Molly’s which is a pub that caters to gay up scale faggots and she steals from them too.

Erika was aware we are married and aggressively pursued my fat loser husband anyway. She saw my husband as a guy to smoke crack with. My husband started fucking the piss out of this spic bitch on our daughters blow up pool in the backyard so the old elderly neighbors we had could watch from their rooftops and check if their viagra worked. She used her vibrator and situated herself on top of a fire hydrant so most people could see the sun sparkle of her beaner ass. The damage she did to our toy pool is irreparable it cost us 10 bucks at fucking walmart. My youngest is especially hurt, he wants to fuck a chick like Erika too when he grows up and he is only 13.

Pakis and niggers spy on her in the woods with binoculars and whack off when she sleeps.

This manipulative whore Stephanie has called me a stinky paki for the last time. Since I started working at 7-11 and move to America she be so mean to me. Can’t hold her tongue for 2 seconds…laughing at my turban calling me a terrorist and say I stink like shit and rape goats with my small paki dick. Glad all American people like you make me feel so welcome here.. And what a great role model for her young daughter who also comes in the store and yells “thank you come again” and calls me “Apu the smelly bum paki” She is only 4 gosh. How you gonna explain to your daughter when she ask why daddy left you? Are you going to tell her the truth that some savage wild nigger killed him who should of been deported?. Beware brown fellas and Obamas sons we are the future of America. Look at how well we all build Africa. America is our next beautiful home we will replace this bitch. I would love to have a woman that looked like her but being a stinky shit skin there is no hope. Ahmed Bin-dur-Sheeploo 7-11 Sales Associate Proffesional

I Lube My Dick With Shoe Polish When I Have Anal Sex With Sara

I had this bitch Sara bent over her husbands desk in their Ocala mansion. Lubing my dick with her faggot husbands shoe polish and then he walked in with a butcher knife and chased me around the office. I threw a fucking lamp at his faggot head as I ran out the back and he was still chasing me with the knife. He tripped and I pushed him into the pool. He got up I pissed on Sara’s face took a quick shit on the staircase and ran out the door with a garbage bag around my waist. I left my clothes there I only had 5 bucks on me and a stolen wallet. Oh its always a blast for me and Sara’s mouth when I go to the Ocala area. I just have to double check her faggot husbands schedule next time. Lol.

The kid has to be a niglet as no sane white man would fuck this whale pig below. All I can say is MOO

Florida 2

Rachel Wade

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