Nebraska 2

Broke a 10 year relationship fuk her co worker/ my husband… didn’t give a fuk about the family or kids She is a huge hooker in western Nebraska. She gets high on fucking crack and breaks into cars to fuck the johns she picks up on skid row. Bitch came over to my house with these fucking wiggers wanting to start shit and then she called the cops. She smells like she shits her self all the fuking time and her breath is like a yeast infection in a dragons asshole. Gabby you are gross crusted hooker with a cheeze whiz vagina that sprays ammino acid on niggers in parks when you smoke meth bitch.

Kim, or Grandma is the President Sgt of Arms for The North Platte Biker gang and the are rough as fuck. Oh yeah she wears depends diapers so she doesn’t leak shit out of her leather. This woman Kim came into our club house with 2 glocks and meant business. She busted a cap in Chester Walnuts face. We spent a lot of time together after that knitting and talking about whacking people. I thought she meant jerking but you know the life. I even let her in my home. She was “just looking for friends.” Come to find out her and my old man Butch were fucking for quite some time. Even the day after he told me we were done. She told me we can still be friends I’ll help you anyway I can. Come to find out she is the reason he called off a 6 1/2 year relationship. He’d been f**king a woman 10 years his SENIOR (she’s 72.) She’s a meth and crack user. Beware ladies if she’s getting close to you it’s because she’s looking to fuck your man.

Where to start? I was friends with Shai growing up in Johnson and until recently, I fell for the sob story like everyone else. Until she turned on me like she’s always done to others. She is a meth/pill/alcohol/anything she can get her hands on addict, she regularly (as in daily) meets married pathetic men all over South East Nebraska to have hard core unprotected anal sex in exchange for drugs. Such a sleaze. She has no morals, no job, has kids but they are scattered all around, her oldest has followed in her mommy’s footsteps as a drug dealing prostitute. She has several sugar daddies paying for her motel rooms regularly. So she’s can have a place to go do business. Fake boobs, thinks she’s is God’s gift to men. She is a laughing stock of embarrassment. I’ve seeen her ruin several marriages and laugh about how guilible the men were. She is also a bipolar who doesn’t take her prescriptions.

Emily Is All About The Loads

Emily from Lincoln is always into swallowing loads. It doesn’t matter if it is summer time or even if she is making toast. Shes just about the loads, loads, loads, loads, loads, Shes all about them loads. This cock hungry bitch does not care what family/relationship she wrecks as long as she swallows every drop before the toast pops and the dog shits out the peanut butter. She will push tampons into your dirty fucking asshole just to prove that she can and then she will brag about it to you and everyone else that she means more to him than you do on twitter. Emily works at the bank and she fucks her boss for a raise even though he is a Mexican with herpes he got from his dad. Emily loves loads. And she poops out loads that she swallows to make milk shakes for her adopted children.

This is Tina she lives in Madrid Nebraska. She is fucked in the head as you can tell by that ugly head. She picks through garbage cans all around Madrid. First time I seen here I went to huck some trash in the can. She popped her head out from a bin and chased me with a stick. I pushed her shopping cart of crap over when I left just to be a fucking asshole and watch the niggers around her scatter to collect the tin cans. She wears these bright purple spandex pants so you can see her big fat fucking ass waddle. If you look on the ass crack of the purple spandex there is usually a browny yellowish wet mark. I mean you can’t fucking miss it and it stinks like shit. All the homeless niggers that Denver sent here fuck her behind Rick’s Auto Garage while drinking 40’s of malt liquor and eating stale bread from the bakery dumpster. Good Times #WINNING.

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