Utah 2

Allyx is a escort from Utah. Allyx is your worst nightmare come true. She acts all sweet and innocent, and Once she feels comfortable the water works start. Her typical sobbing stories begin and end up trying to extort you for money. She targets wealthy old men. Considering she just turned 25 (January 2018) she looks hot until her dark side comes out. Don’t fall for her panic and crying lies. She is constantly changing her color to stay under the radar. She has no morals. She will go after any guy as long as she can milk them. This pretty much sums up Allyx except in reality this post makes Allyx look like an angel. Allyx can be found on Seeking Arrangement and one of her services provided (her favorite) is anal. What Allyx doesn’t mention is the fact she has Herpes and likes to have unprotected sex even with her clients. She claims she was raped and that’s how she contracted the STD but in reality anyone who knows Allyx is aware that she spreads her legs for anyone or anything with a little cash to throw her way.

Works At The Border Store And Owner Of Ass Stretchers LTD.

Clarissa use to work at the Border Store because her on and off again faggot meth head boyfriend Cletus owned it. She then started fucking Ralph the town Mechanic and had a baby girl Helga in 2009. She has chased a married men on and off for over ten years around the Arizona Utah Border. She smells like rotten tuna fish that is shit out of Rosie Odonells Asshole after Elen Degeneres barfed Liquid ass juice on it. She usually comes back to work at the Border Store when she needs cash and attention. Her Business “Ass Stretchers Ltd” has had some financial and legal issues after some Jew needed a new lawsuit for devious rat snake ways. But things are looking out for her asshole loosening company, which she hopes one day to hand over to her daughter Helga. Clarissa has absolutely no concern whatsoever for the harm she has done to her asshole over the years from ramming foreign objects up it.

Raping a woman on her way to a wheel chair. His is a nigger Romeo right here.


Carol Ann Jones rams cake batter up her bum, to store the cum. This massive Hovo resides in Provo. And she will blow you free of charge. Its good even with that beautiful smile on her she wears dentures. Due to all the meth she use to smoke. She got good at sucking cock on the mean streets of Provo as a 20 year old dumpster hooker with her mormon step father as her pimp and lover. She does alot of religious mormon pornographic movies too. With such hit titles as “It feels darn tooting when your penis enters my vagina” and “Joseph Smiths Plates rammed up my ass fest”. But in Provo Carol will always be the most famous for baking cakes grabbing the batter with the spachela and fucking her self senseless on the floor with it.

Kendra you fucking all star. Likes to go after & try to date married men that live @ home with there family. Try’s to cause conflict in the kids & his wife’s life. She likes to go into the wives underwear drawers when she is fucking the husband and wipes her vag juice crust on their underwear. But because she is a junkie & has access to meth & dose it daily giving It to men to get them horny & then she will do anything….. sexually to try & win him over so he’ll leave his kids for her she even lets him bring other women into the picture when they are high together on meth even though she is insecure and jealous… Wanna be women like this make me so fucking jealous she gets all the cum up her ass she wants & a man that wants u 4 u not drugs & just sex… Get a few puddles of meth and you can fuck this bitch and her friends all night long. They all have HIV and herpes. But if you are willing to have sex with those pigs you probably already have it yourself too so who fucking cares.

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